Friday, March 8, 2013

March Blog Challenge Day 8

March Blog Challenge
Day 8: what is your pet peeve?
March 8, 2013

Pet peeves, to me, consist of individuals that experience agitation due to another person’s actions.  The thing about pet peeves is, that as much as something might annoy you – remember – you most likely do something to annoy someone too. Meaning, no one is perfect – we all have our faults, quirks, or mannerisms that could possibly irritate someone else. So, try to have some empathy toward the person that is irritating you (unless they know what they do gets under your skin – in that case – release the Kraken!)

Top 5 Pet Peeves

5.) No toilet paper – that awkward moment when you ran to the bathroom emergent to relieve yourself, only to find that there is no toilet paper.  I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me.  It is especially upsetting when there are new rolls right within arm’s reach and the person that used the last of the roll couldn’t replace the empty roll for a new roll.
4.) Narcissism – the mythology is that narcissism is derived from Narcissus the son of a river god. Who looked upon his own image and fell in love with himself not being able to part with his love, he died.  A pet peeve of mine is when someone is into themselves so much that they look at themselves constantly when repeated opportunities arise. 
3.) Pinching – I don’t know if it is because I worked with behavioral student’s that would pinch (and it really hurt) or what. It is something that is purposefully uncomfortable. When another person deliberately pinches another person they are doing it to cause pain. I have enough daily chronic pain. I don’t need to have anymore. Pinching is just something that has always irritated me.
2.) Manipulation – we as human beings in our society learn manipulation within our infancy.  If we are hungry and cry we will get fed.  The manipulations that really irritate me are when it is done to hurt someone or as camouflage to conceal more lies. This sort of manipulation, if done intentionally and to a person that you supposedly consider a friend or loved one, to me, is a character or personality disorder.
1.) Lies – there are the ‘white lies’ that are said without the intention to purposefully hurt someone, and then there are lies that are used for the sole benefit of the liar or deceiver. When you tell so many lies you have a hard time distinguishing truth, you know you need help. My pet peeve within a lie is more of the origin. If you tell me you have lied, when I know the truth and you still lie to my face – especially if you are trying to cover up an indiscretion – like adultery.  It infuriates me that our laws protect the guilty, it is against the law to have an affair but it is not a punishable offense.  Maybe if it was punishable less people would cheat and we could be more respectful of the vows we make to God.  Just sayin’
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