Tuesday, March 26, 2013

March Blog Challenge Day 26

March Blog Challenge
Day 26: what is your favorite food?
March 26, 2013

Picking a favorite food is like picking a favorite movie or a favorite song. There are just too many to choose from. What better way to explain my favorite things to eat, by compiling a top ten list!
Top 10 Favorite Food
10.) Chinese food – every once in a while I get a craving for shrimp fried rice. To make our order complete we also include cheesy shrimp wontons that is accompanied by a sweet sauce for dipping. It is delicious! I can make my own too, for when we can’t afford to order out.
9.) Sushi – my favorite sushi rolls are the California roll which is usually some form of imitation crab meat, fish row, and avocado. I also like this same roll with fresh (yes raw) fish on top; it has been called a rainbow roll and an Alaskan roll. Some people think of sushi and wrinkle up their nose in disgust. I say, try it, you might like it. I had this reaction too until my friend forced me to try it and I’ve been hooked ever since.
8.) Grapefruit – now that I am getting older, the acidity can upset my stomach, so I have to be careful. When I first started eating grapefruit, it was very frustrating for me when attempting to maneuver getting the sectional pieces out. When Pampered Chef introduced the grapefruit spoon I haven’t used anything else, to eat grapefruit, since then. I love to cut the grapefruit in half and sprinkle some sugar on top. When I am finished I like to squeeze any remaining juice into my bowl to sip off the spoon.
7.) Fish – growing up I did not appreciate eating fish. Now that I am older, I can. Not only do I think the taste is better, but there are great health benefits to eating fish. I believe that fish contains omega proteins that are very beneficial for our health.
6.) Chicken – it used to be a special treat growing up, to have KFC for dinner. However, my favorite chicken is from Royal Farms. It is never dry, which is important. Dry chicken is hard to chew and I associate it with no taste. Probably because growing up, the healthy way we ate chicken was oven roasted. Yes, fried chicken is not healthy, I know. But, it is still considered a special treat because we do not eat it all the time.
5.) Dessert – my favorite dessert would be Haagen Dazs raspberry shorbet. One of my favorite desserts that my sister made me once were these little mini flaky bread like cups filled with raspberries and chocolate. Godiva has a chocolate filled raspberry that is wonderful as well.
4.) Seafood – hello, I have been born and raised in Maryland. There is nothing like the smell of special seasoning, beer, and vinegar in the air. Of course I am talking about steamed crabs, the only way to eat them in my opinion. There are a few places that serve them all year (as long as they can get them). Usually, this is traditional for spring and summer.
3.) Family Favorites – my family loves food! Some of my favorite family dishes are of course, my mom’s broccoli casserole and her breakfast casserole. The broccoli casserole contains (of course broccoli – steamed) with Ritz crackers crushed up and sprinkled on top and some Velveeta cheese. The breakfast casserole is a Christmas tradition it includes bread, eggs, and sausage. My mom use to make chicken and dumplings, as my favorite dinner meal, usually reserved for my birthday.
2.) Raspberries – you could probably tell by #5 that raspberries are a favorite of mine. I remember we use to have raspberries growing in our back yard when I was young. We could go out there and pick them off until our finger tips were discolored and our belly’s ache. If I can afford it, I will usually pick up a container of raspberries when grocery shopping, as a special treat. Plus, I just read that raspberries are consumed to help fight against pain.
1.) Pickles – my dad has joked before, when I stop by to eat lunch with my parent’s; “hide the pickles!” My favorites are dill spears, bread and butter, and sweet gherkins. They don’t have any fat, but high in sodium. I don’t know why I like them so much, but they have always been a favorite snack of mine.
All this talk of food has made me really hungry! Speaking of sweet gherkins, I have a jar in the pantry I think I’ll go and pop open. Until next time or the next… dream ~ K.E.Nowinsky