Sunday, March 10, 2013

March Blog Challenge Day 10

March Blog Challenge
Day 10: your daily routine
March 10, 2013

Before my nervous break-down, my routine was consistent. I would get up, go to work, come home and it would start all over again. I use to have my son every weekend too, so weekends I would have to get up early as well. His father and I divorced and have shared custody. My son, Kaleb, is severely handicapped and requires 24/7 care. Now, we work the ‘week on, week off’ routine. Although, now that I am not considered employed, I help his father and their new family as much as possible. My career has been working with special needs students. My background training is with behavioral management.  However, due to my attendance and failure to correctly submit paperwork, I was terminated. All of this is an experience that I can share another time though.
Each week can be different, the weeks that I have my son I have to get up around 5:45 a.m. to relieve his night nurse (when I have one). If no night nurse is provided then I have to care for Kaleb myself. Sometimes, if Kaleb is sick I will have to keep him home for observations or hospitalizations.  He has a feeding tube in his jejunum (J-tube) so that he can receive nutrition and a tracheostomy (trach) that helps him to breath. Again, I can write the story of Kaleb another time – basically, I either stay home with Kaleb to monitor his day or he goes to school for several hours and I am ‘on call’. We don’t have a car, so that limits my abilities. My parents let me borrow their car when they can and I am very grateful for their support.
When Kaleb is with his father, I wake up and take care of the animals. Then I turn on my netbook and start the process of checking my e-mails, Facebook, Twitter, and +Gmail. I have been steadily blogging and enjoy taking the time to write and share with an invisible audience. If the mood is right, I start editing and writing within my book series “Going off Dreams: Book 2 Daydream - For all in the Hope”. I usually read the last couple chapters from where I left off, then start reading the rest, fixing what needs to be fixed and going through trying to make it captivating for my readers.  According to the spoon theory each day you are given a number of spoons, each spoon represents a single activity. Some of us have unlimited number of spoons, some have less. Today I feel like I don’t have any!
I have been working so hard trying to get my name and book ‘out there’. Constantly monitoring and replying on the social media outlets; this alone seems like a full-time job. My mom keeps telling me that any form of success does not happen overnight and that I need to give it time. Some of my family have been really supportive, especially cousin’s I have never met before! +Stevie Nowinsky and Tanja Nowinsky. Not to dwell on distorted perceptions, but if my family that I grew up with shared my book and put as much effort as my other cousin’s, I feel that it would reach more people. C'est la vie!
Until next time or the next… dream