Saturday, March 16, 2013

March Blog Challenge Day 16

March Blog Challenge
Day 16: what is your biggest achievement?
March 16, 2013

Thinking about my biggest achievement, I couldn’t decide between my degree, my first book, or my son. My conscious tells me that it should definitely be my son; he is my one and only child. I am also very proud of my degree. I worked really hard and sacrificed to earn my degree in psychology.  I am also proud of myself for finally publishing my first book “Going off Dreams” it has been launched a little over a month now. All of these achievements I would not have been able to do without the support that I have. God, above all, has blessed me with so much. Which would you consider the “biggest” achievement?
My son was born in 2002. I remember when I found out that I was pregnant. The joy that I felt was short-lived. Family and friends were not happy about the news. I was unmarried and apparently no one liked my boyfriend at the time (the father of my son). My dreams were consumed with the future possibilities. Before finding out the sex, I would have sworn that I was having a girl, because in my dreams I had a daughter. I was originally due in December, but my son Kaleb decided that his birthday was to be in October instead.
You can read all about my story and follow links to buy my book by visiting or even visiting my blog for the series
In 2011 I earned my Associates of Arts degree in Psychology through the University of Phoenix. It was very challenging. I enjoyed writing the papers; the hardest part for me was algebra and working in teams. I was 60% through my bachelor’s and I do plan to finish the bachelor’s program for psychology sometime in the future.  My last course was the most challenging because of the percentage of our grade that was based on other people within the team.  It affected my GPA, which I worked hard to keep above 3.5. Feeling so burnt out after the course, I welcomed the break.
It was during this break that I started to contemplate working on the first book in a series I had written years prior. The original story consisted of some of my personal life. It took me a month to work through the old story to edit and add new story lines after taking out my personal history. The great thing about the indie publishing revolution, it took the impossible and made it possible for me. I know my first book isn’t perfect, but I still love the story and am working through the second book and hope to have it launched sometime this spring (2013).
Until next time or the next… dream