Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March Blog Challenge Day 20

March Blog Challenge
Day 20: what do you collect?
March 20, 2013

Through the years I have collected many things. The one constant within my collections would be my love of Disney. Over the years I have collected Disney Animated Movies, Disney Books, and Disney figurines (and other collectables).  Some of the items were not intentional, just something that materialized through time.
Top 10 of My Collectables through the Years
10.) Carousel Horses – as a young girl for my birthday or for a gift giving occasion, my mom would pick out beautiful carousel horses (and a few rocking horses) figurines.  They were packed up once I hit adolescence and stored at my parents’ house. Since then, I have given them to my young nieces.
9.) Cat Figurines – I loved animals, I still do. When I was younger, I wanted a cat. My parents would not consent, so I had to be content with collecting ‘cat’ things. I had a few cat Home Interior pictures and figurines. My youngest niece shares in this love of cats and along with other childhood collectibles I acquired through my younger years, I passed them to her.
8.) Blankets – my theory is that you can’t have enough blankets. This was something that was not intentional. My first couple of blankets was nice knitted ones that were given to me by my parent’s (a sunflower knitted blanket and The Lion King knitted blanket). Then I was given some more Disney blankets from other family members. Then one year for Christmas my parents gave me a very nice Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto knitted blanket. My grandmother hand-crafted her own quilts, I still have them and cherish them.
7.) Beer/Cider/Alcohol Caps – This seems to be a silly thing to collect. It started after we had just moved into our new home. There is an open small space above the range in the kitchen. I think it was originally made to hold spices, but since I was given a beautiful spice rack, I didn't know what else to do with this area. One day after opening some beer, the caps were just piling up on the table. It seemed like such a waste to throw them away. So, I just started throwing them up in the area and there is where they stay.
6.) Music/Books – when I was younger I belonged to a CD club where you got to initially pick out CD’s for a penny each. Then each month you were sent a new selection in the specified categories that I had chosen. They accumulated over the years until I could no longer afford them. I also started collecting the books I have read. Then, Kindle came out and now they’re electronic. My mom prefers holding a book. I personally can do both and it doesn't bother me. It definitely saves space storing them electronically.
5.) Xbox 360/PS3 Games – we couldn't afford a game system for years. Then, one day (just for fun) we went to a semi-local casino. I won over $2,000 dollars.  My husband at the time (now divorced and he’s remarried) and I decided to split the money. I thought that we deserved to use the money how we wanted to; we deserved to have some happiness.  I used my money to buy my Xbox 360. One of my first games was Cars.  My boyfriend Justin introduced me to the PS3 and we both have a love of gaming and enjoy playing together. Together we probably have over 50 games (I know I have sold some of mine over the years) which might not seem like a lot of games to some people.
4.) Tea Pots/Cups – this was not something that I intentionally wanted to collect. My family loves to go to tea. Mostly the women in our family will take time out and go to a proper tea (in a tea room). Since then, my mom has bought some really nice tea pots and has given me some nice tea cups and saucers too. I probably have over 10 tea pots that are displayed in my kitchen.
3.) Polish Pottery – this is something that I have started to collect more recently. It is special to me since, on my father’s side of my family, our heritage is partly Polish.  Polish Pottery is sturdy and has interesting patterns. I really love the pieces that my parents have given me (included are two tea pots).
2.) Disney Animated Movies – I started collecting Disney movies when I was very young. I would watch them over and over again.  My sister and I would have movie marathon’s where we would pick a few of our favorites to watch in a day. I had them displayed in my bedroom growing up and would keep them in order of when they had been released. I had a Disney encyclopedia that had the list that I could reference to keep them in proper order.  Now, they are still on a shelf, however I am unable to watch them since I do not have a working VCR.
1.) Disney Collectibles – I have an entire cabinet full of Disney memorabilia; items from Walt Disney World trips, items that have been given to me over the years, and the Disney Traditions Collectible Figurines.

What is something that you have collected that you cherish the most?

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