Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March Blog Challenge Day 6

March Blog Challenge
March 6, 2013
Day 6: Your last random act of kindness

Once I read what today’s challenge was I tried to think ‘when was my last random act of kindness?’ as I scratched my head for a while.  After quite some time I realized that I am a kind person in general and while I don’t necessarily remember the last act of kindness (which doesn’t say much because my memory isn’t what it once was) I thought I would try a top 5 – what I try to do all the time in kindness.
Top 5 Random Acts of Kindness
5.) When entering and leaving public places I will hold the door open for others.  This might not be considered a random act of kindness, but when you consider how many people don’t do this, then what should be ordinary isn’t and therefor constitutes random – yes?
4.) If you are driving along and you see someone trying to cross at a crosswalk, would you stop to let them go by?  I not only do it because it is my state’s law, I do it because it is the kind thing to do.  I hold onto the belief, if you do something nice for someone, and then they’ll be more likely to do kind unto others.
3.) Giving a bigger tip to a food service worker. Everyone has their different ways of calculating or estimating the tip from their bill when they dine out or have food delivered. When talking to most people they leave the minimum. Sometimes (especially if the service was outstanding) I like to leave a bigger tip.  Once (I could only to afford to do it once) the check came to close to twenty dollars (for myself) and I left double as much and told her to keep the change.  The waitress actually ran after us and tried to tell me that I must have given her too much money by accident.  Doing something kind should be selfless; you shouldn’t seek any sort of vindication.  I just told her that she deserves it – the look on her face was worth it.
2.) Letting someone ahead of me while waiting in line.  If I am in a grocery store or in line somewhere and someone behind me does not have as many items, I will let them in front of me.  Not all the time, but sometimes. I will do this especially if it is a mom trying to juggle her children and her purchases, or if it is an elderly person.
1.) Giving my seat up at the SSA (Social Security Administration) or anywhere. I was raised to give your seat to the elderly, it shows respect.  But, the other day when I was at the SSA, a single father came in holding his toddler, he kept looking for a seat and was having a hard time (granted, there were already a lot of people standing waiting for their number to be called or a seat to become available).  I stood up and went over to him and told him to take my chair.  When he asks me if I am sure, I said “definitely, you have your hands full.” He was very thankful.

This is the first time I have ever mentioned this to anyone before (I believe), an act of kindness that I really enjoyed doing was sending flowers to the people I worked with.   Including a nice note expressing how much they did and were appreciated. Even when they thought it was someone else, I never corrected them.  I had once read, when studying the Bible, that when you do something nice for someone, you should not do it for the glory.
Plus, doing kind things puts kindness in your heart and soul.  It feeds positivity in your life and you will feel better and possibly even have a better outlook on life.  I have been with people (and have even done this myself before) when we are at a toll booth, we will pay for the car behind us. Most people will attempt acts of kindness and state to pay it forward.  But, I don’t think it should be something you feel obligated to do.  Do it out of the kindness in your heart and then watch kindness will be returned to you.
Until next time or the next… dream