Friday, March 29, 2013

March Blog Challenge Day 29

March Blog Challenge
Day 29: what is your favorite time of year and why?
March 29, 2013
When I was younger I loved winter, now that I am getting older with more creaks and moans, winter and I don't really get along too well anymore. However, there is a special time of year during this season, Christmas. Some people think of this time of year and their anxiety levels shoot through the roof. Sure, we have to fight through crazy crowds and stress is probably ten fold during this time. I think the pressure of the season is a social travesty. Each year it seems that retailers start prepping their stores earlier and earlier for the holiday's. It is an element of how we are programmed to be consumers.
Christmas to me is a time that families get together, and the love in the air is contagious. Lights are fashioned on homes and sparkle in the crisp night air. A tradition in my family, we drive around Christmas Eve looking at all the Christmas lights. Of course, another great aspect of this time of year are the gifts. Most people may prefer receiving - I prefer giving. There is something in the thrill of the hunt for the perfect (or near perfect) gift. Listening and really hearing the people in your life, what they like, what they could use, and finding something that may bring an essence of Christmas Joy to their souls.
Most importantly ~ Christmas is about the birth of our salvation. The sacrifice so that we may live and not be in constant fear of the dreaded sin. We are born sinners and God knows our struggles. This doesn't mean that He sent Jesus to forgive us of our sins so that we can go out and purposefully commit crime and know we have the ability to be forgiven. It means that He loves and wants us to enjoy the gift of life that He gives us. I know that everyone has their own spirituality, religion, and beliefs. This is my opinion and what I have faith and hope in through my personal relationship with God.
What is your favorite time of year?
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