Monday, March 4, 2013

March Blog Challenge Day 3

March Blog Challenge
Day 3: What makes you happy?
March 3, 2013

Often in our lives we focus on the negative aspects, the things we don’t have, and the proverbial why questions.  Why Me?  We all do it because we are programmed to be consumers and self-absorbed.  How do I know this? I actually learned this in my Sociology class.  My theory is that negativity breeds more negativity and vice versa, positivity cultivates positive perspectives.  Hence, counting our blessings can remind us of the good in our lives.

One way of working through this is journaling.  Write down what upset you for that day or something you said negatively about yourself.  Women are horrible at degrading ourselves (my thighs are too fat – etc.)  So, for every negative thing – write two positive.  Give it some time and I promise you – your perspective will be more positive and you will have a happier outlook.
So now, what makes me happy?  Even though I have been to hell and back a few times, I know I am blessed, and this helps me get through my days.  So much makes me happy – so in order to deliberate and not waste too much of your time – I’ll do a “Top 10” list.

Top 10 Reasons I’m Happy

10.) They seem to be few and far between – but, those great moments in life where everything just seems right.  Where the rollercoaster of life is in the good parts - the only thing about the rollercoaster theory is that with the good there is bad.  So, you are inevitably anticipating the bad (this will lead to anxiety – a toxin and fuels negativity).  Rather, I just enjoy it and accept it.  I do say ‘out of something bad comes something good’ and that is because you take the bad you learn from it, creating good.  Think of the rollercoaster theory and ups and downs with loopy loops; where the latter is more of an upward scaling graph.

9.) Security. This will mean different things to different people as well.  For me it means security in a quality of life.  Independency: being able to live under my own roof.  Monetarily: having the money to pay bills and to survive.  Knowledge: educating yourself, being proactive, and having perception or awareness.  

8.) Writing. Obviously I enjoy writing; I didn’t always enjoy it though.  I am a stubborn person so growing up when my mother kept trying to tell me to pursue writing; of course I wasn’t going to listen to her.  I had to learn for myself, follow my own path, much like Jonah and the Whale.

7.) Relaxing.  A good stretch in bed or on the couch, time away on vacation, or meditating out in nature; or at least this is what relaxing means to me.

6.) Pampering. Not to be confused with relaxing.  Pampering is doing something for yourself that will make you feel better about yourself.  For me, it would be a manicure, pedicure, or getting a message. 

5.) Movies.  For as long as I can remember, I can escape through movies.  I’ve always enjoyed watching movies.  Growing up I loved Disney movies (I still love them).  As I am more mature now I have many, many favorite movies.  I would also include TV in this category too, because I can definitely get lost in my favorite shows (top two: The Walking Dead and Once Upon a Time).
4.) Music. In no way to I consider myself knowledgeable in this category.  I can put on certain music and it will make me feel better.  Especially if I need to clean the house (which I really don’t like) it will motivate me and the next thing I know I’m dancing around the house feeling joyous.

3.) Friends. As long as it’s not a toxic relationship! You know who your true friends are (they’ll always be there for you.)  Defining “be there for you” is personal. I think it involves someone that (while others might write you off) this person doesn’t and makes sure they are there for you both mentally and physically.  Mentally – friends need to talk (it’s the cheapest therapy) and it can’t be one way (you have to listen and talk to each other).  Physically – I think making the effort. 

2.) Family.  I was raised with strong family morals that are instilled within me and I cherish the great memories that I have. As I matured I was able to appreciate and grasp the blessing within the spectrum – so many other people are not nearly as blessed, and I am truly grateful for this. (I do include my pets and very, very old and good friend’s family.)

1.) Faith, hope and love… and above these is LOVE.  I love God above all.  What makes me happy? Unconditional love makes me happiest.
Until next time or the next… dream
~ K.E.Nowinsky