Friday, March 15, 2013

March Blog Challenge Day 15

March Blog Challenge
Day 15: list 10 things that make you awesome
March 15, 2013

Top 10 of My Best Attributes

10.) Listening – before deciding on what I wanted my major to be, I would always joke that I should be a psychiatrist because people were always telling me their problems. This has never really bothered me; I don’t mind listening, especially if I can help. An important part of listening, is really hearing what someone is saying, responding to them, and staying engaged in the topics.
9.) Puzzler – I don’t mind listening to people’s problems. In one of my psych courses I learned that I have the ability to ‘solve puzzles’. I think it is because (maybe) I can see a bigger picture. Taking into consideration the environment, what within their life and social structure can benefit their situation.  Nature vs. nurture, are they doing something repetitive, asking questions if they have past experience that could be influencing their situation. Adding my personal experiences and knowledge, which is an attribute of everyone, we’re all unique and have great life experience to share and learn from.
8.) Open Minded – luckily, I was raised to have an open-mind. I always feel sorry for people that grow up with prejudices. It was disturbing to me, working with special needs students, and when we would go out adults would pull their children closer to them. This action not only taught their children to fear something different, for the student’s that are aware of their environment, it could hurt them too. There have been so many times growing up when my mom would talk to me about perspective “how do you think that would make so and so feel?” I think this is why to this day I am always so concerned about everyone else (but myself).
7.) Childtime – staying young is more than just your age, it is what is in our heart. I like to play around, teasing, and just being mischievous.  Playing around, joking with the one’s you love, it is good for the soul. If you start to feel gloomy, like society has its hold on you, I would prescribe for you to watch Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium (2007) – STAT! 
6.) Ethics – my parents taught me the importance of work ethics and standing for my beliefs. Give 110% and do the best that you can. Being over-analytical has helped me in doing the best job possible. My parent’s also taught me to take pride in what I do, do it the best to my ability the first time. I think that this also taught a degree of respect, especially to respect others.
5.) Perseverance – survival. I wouldn’t be where I am today if I couldn’t survive what life has thrown at me. I survived a flesh eating bacteria that could have taken my life; I was given a 50/50 chance of survival. God continues to see me through His plans. I have faith in His plans and I think this has helped me.
4.) Laugh Factory – I think this might be in the spectrum of laughing attribute, but having fun in life is important. In my family we believe laughter is the best form of medicine. I can testify that it definitely is! When I was in the hospital I always had family around and they did a great job, we laughed a lot. I like to play around because I think it helps to keep us young at heart.
3.) Loyalty – as a Taurus, this is a characteristic of the astrological sign. I have never and would never even consider cheating. I was cheated on in my last marriage and I was devastated by it. I wasn’t going to let it keep me down though (I had the belief that I would be married forever – because I actually meant the oath I pledged to the Lord.) When I am in a relationship, it is monogamous. Any relationship, family or friends, I would never intentionally hurt anyone.
2.) Strength – my strengths are like well weathered rocks facing a raging ocean just aching to claim, to consume my forms. Time and time again life can lick and lap at you, trying to beat you down.  Strength is the ability to get back up after a fall. There was this great article I had read a couple years ago referencing God’s love.  Someone had asked why God allows us to fall and the response was that God walks with us always, like a father walking with his son. He may not be able to prevent the fall, but he is always there to help you back up. Strength to me is being able to endure this crazy world, we live in a fast passed, high stress society. I think each day when we go to bed we should thank God (or whatever name you use) for the strength we were blessed with and pray for tomorrow.
1.) Unconditional Love – I remember talking to someone once and asked them a question (I can’t remember now what my question was) I remember them saying that it was because of my big heart. I think this world can be a cruel place for someone who feels, has empathy, and cares about so much.  You almost have to build these filters in your mind to help you to deal with society and the negativity in the environment. For me, unconditional love is demonstrated by God’s love. He loved us so much that He sacrificed to save us of our sins. I think this is why people yell at me so much about caring for everyone else first. It’s a love that resonates from your soul, majestically consuming, and then embracing life.
There are so many great stories in the Bible about unconditional love. One that I studied before was a story of a man who had three sons. Long story short, two of the sons worked hard to impress their father, while the third son left the family to explore the world (I believe). Anyway, eventually the third some makes his way home and the father greet him with open arms. Even though his son caused him pain, he loved him more. Something that was really important that I have learn is that we are human-beings, not doings. 
Until next time or the next… dream