Thursday, March 7, 2013

March Blog Challenge Day 7

March Blog Challenge
Day 7: What is your dream job?
March 7, 2013

My dream job has changed through the course of my life.  When I was a young girl, I wanted to be a Veterinarian, until I learned that they had to euthanize animals as well. This made perfect sense to me at the time because I loved animals. Then I also learned that I would have to work with other species like reptiles and such. Once I learned that the job would not be as I imagined (which was playing with animals all day) that dream job quickly faded away.

Working in animation was a dream job I held during my adolescence.  Growing up watching Disney animated features, I quickly fell in love with the aspect of creating what I loved to watch.  After graduation my father even looked into the Disney Institute, where I could go and have proper training.  I do love to sketch, but the mood has to be right. I contemplated this and finally decided that sketching was something I enjoyed doing and I didn’t want to damage that.  Should I have traveled down this path? Absolutely! However, life’s marching drum plays a role in decisions about your career too.

Obtaining my associates degree was a step toward the dream job of helping others. I had worked within the special education field for so long, I noticed that there was an aspect that needed to be addressed, and is becoming more prevalent now. Counselors or advocates for special needs families.  I wanted to help families through the challenges with my extensive knowledge in the field.

My absolute favorite dream job would be – exactly what I am doing now – writing. If I have a story to tell I want to entertain readers.  When I started writing the “Going off Dreams” series, one of the many dreams I have with this is having a fan base that would honor me by dressing up as the characters in the series. My first book hasn’t even been on the Amazon shelf for a month yet and there are so many prospects. The second book in this series will come out later this spring. My cousin created a sound track dedicated to the book (Wonky Sensitive Mix Tape #16).  I am also working with Lucas Witch LLC., in creating a book trailer (which is going to be wicked!) and possibly even more projects such as a web series. I feel very blessed that I am doing this right now (thank you God). There are plenty of struggles too though.  As of right now, I’m poor.  I’m working diligently within social networking and marketing my series.  Until I actually earn an income from this I cannot invest any money into professional outlets (yet). My mother keeps telling me “it’s not going to happen overnight” because most of us that have read the book, can feel it in our bones, this is going to be big.

Until next time or the next… dream