Thursday, March 28, 2013

High Voltage Entertainment

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20,000 Watts of Power

High Voltage Entertainment is based in  Maryland, servicing the Washington D.C. area, Eastern Shore, Delmarva Beaches, Delaware, York, and Lancaster areas. Providing excellent services and quality sound and lighting for your occasion. If you are hosting a high traffic event, I would highly suggest emailing John Kelly to reserve your date. With affordable pricing, High Voltage Entertainment is quickly becoming the 'go to' for any of the following services:

  • Sound Reinforcement
  • Quality Lighting
  • DJ Services
Contact John Kelly today to discuss prices, scheduling and availability. 
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  • For local bands, acoustic acts, bars, and clubs. We provide every piece of equipment required for your show (except for instruments and amps). We do have a Fender guitar amp as well as bass amp, 4 and 5 string bass guitars available for emergency situations that could arise during your show. 
  • DJ services for everything from your small backyard parties to large 1000+ indoor or outdoor events with intense lighting.
  • Event sound reinforcements services are for indoor and outdoor events with a PA system capable of reaching a very large area
Currently working with and past clients include: 
  • 103.7 WXCY 
  • The Leslie Avenue Band
  • Scarlet Angel
  • The Whiskey Brothers
  • The Band Perry
  • Bucky Covington
  • Kristen Kelly
  • Brett Elderidge
  • Phoenix Stone
  • The Long Road to Love
  • and many more 

  • - Sound equipment includes up to 6 wedge monitors, plus two large side fill speakers with the main mix. I have found these large side fill speakers with the main mix helps keep stage volume down which in turn creates a better mix. It also benefits the performers greatly, as they can enjoy their performance instead of listening to a dry monitor mix all night. This helps the performance overall, with the players diving into their solos and many of them saying how much better the night went.I use EV Cobalt vocal mics as they have very high off-axis rejection and I rarely experience feedback issues. I am also a minimalist when it comes to effects. Delay and Reverb is provided as close to the album recording of the song being covered. 
  • - Lighting includes 16 standard incandescent par cans on DMX-512 controllers. 6 LED par cans are available and are used to either provide under lighting for the stage or around the drum kit for a great effect. These LED cans are also DMX-512 controlled. A DMX 800 watt strobe, a moving "dance light" and other fixtures are available as well as fog. I have a separate laptop just for running the lighting program, or can set them to automatic. A Truss across the back line of the stage and a choice of a second truss across the front or a set of T-bar stands are available as well. I am always adding more lighting to my inventory as much as possible.

Country fans: Friday night (03/29/13) at Hollywood Casino Nashville's own Austin Webb will be performing at 8pm! This is a 103.7 WXCY event and free!