Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March Blog Challenge Day 19

March Blog Challenge
Day 19: what five blogs do you read and why
March 19, 2013

Top 5 Blogs I Follow
5.) Recently I found Aunt Mary’s blog for children. I think this is a great resource http://easyway1234.blogspot.com/ to find activities for children and to teach your kids how to follow and utilize a blog.
4.) Julie Palmer’s Domestic Goddess http://domesticgoddess40.blogspot.com/ I desperately want to be able to organize and coordinate my home. I follow this blog in the hope of learning some great tips and advice so that things could run more smoothly in my home.
3.) Donna http://www.girl-who-reads.com/ this is a great resource for indie e-authors. You can get involved with reviews; take part in guest blogging and so much more. I really like this blog because it is a great compilation of information.
2.) Roxanne Rhoad’s Roxanne’s Realm is a great blog for fantasy book reviews. I secretly dream of Roxanne writing a review and spotlighting my series one day http://roxannesrealm.blogspot.com/
1.) Taylor Lavati’s The Curse Books blog http://thecursebooks.blogspot.com/ & http://spoilerprincess.blogspot.com/ I started reading Taylor’s blogs because she was the first person to give me any advice about my blogs and she even wrote a review for my book.

Until next time or the next… dream