Sunday, March 31, 2013

March Blog Challenge Day 31

March Blog Challenge
Day 31: what did you like most about this challenge?
March 31, 2013
Happy Easter!
What I liked the most was that it challenged me to write about different things and every day. I do have to admit, since doing this challenge I have not spent the time I should in finishing my second book (launching in May). But, I still enjoyed doing it. I became obsessive with building up blogs, learning how to do certain things. It was challenging for sure. Next month I am doing another challenge, but will have Sunday's off ~ That's always a good thing.
Until next time or the next... dream

March Blog Challenge Day 30

March Blog Challenge
Day 30: what is your favorite ice cream flavor?
March 30, 2013
This will definitely be short and sweet. My favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip. I like to put chocolate sprinkles (or jimmies, depending on where you are from) in a waffle cone. What is yours?
Until next time or the next... dream

Liebster Award

March 31, 2013 Happy Easter!!

Liebster Award

Can you believe it? I've been nominated for an award. It is very exciting and a wonderful Easter surprise. I would like to thank Kristen from Black Coffee and Cigarettes for nominating me. Go check out her blog.In order to accept these awards there are some hoops to jump through, some hurdles to jump over, and so forth. But, it will all be worth it for these prestigious awards. Not to mention they are pretty cute!

Things To Do:

    • Post the award on your blog (see above)
    • Thank the lovely blogger(s) who gave you the award and link back to their site(s)
    • Post 11 random facts about yourself
    • Answer 11 questions that the presenter of the award has asked you
    • Nominate 11 new bloggers with fewer than 200 followers that you want to pass the award on to 
    • Ask your nominees 11 questions

    11 Random Facts About Myself

    11.) Kristen had posted this on her blog and this is how my eyes react too. Sometimes they are green (the majority of the time) and sometimes they look blue. It usually depends on what I am wearing and my mood. I have often wondered why and how this is possible.

    10.) My son Kaleb has special needs and requires 24/7 care. It is very difficult being a constant caregiver and this past November I had to be hospitalized and treated for depression. I learned a lot and I want to share that experience and what I learned through another blog that I write Faith Warrior 
    9.) I almost died after having a cesarean. The site contracted Necrotizing Fasciitis "the flesh eating bacteria." God had different plans for me though. To this day I still miss my belly button though.
    8.) I asked my boyfriend +Justin Barnhill to tell me a random fact about myself. He commented that I am tough, strong willed, and "I tend to bust balls when necessary." Tomorrow is actually our one year anniversary :)
    7.) Even though I am 'tough' I have a huge scar, massive scar tissue and nerve damage from the complications of childbirth mentioned above. This causes me daily chronic pain (for the past 10 years) and I have to take medications (which I hate to do). One day I hope to be pain free...
    6.) I love anything Disney! Growing up I had and repeatedly watched Disney Animated Features. My favorites were Cinderella, Aladdin, The Little Mermaind, Beauty and the Beast... ok, I think I love them all. The optimist in me wants to believe in the 'fairy tale love.'
    5.) I love my Superheros (another submission from my boyfriend). I think I love Superheros because they usually represent the ability to be more than ordinary. My favorites would be Rouge, Storm, Captain America, and Iron Man.
    4.) I have obsessive traits. Sometimes a song will play over and over in my head (phrases or words too). I will become obsessed about certain things, like now I am obsessive about blogging and watching The Dog Whisperer with Ceaser Millan.
    3.) When I go to bed at night, I like to think about what I wish ... right now my dreamy happy place (it helps me to fall asleep) is to buy a farm and have the resources and abilities to run something like a no-kill shelter. There is a farm behind my parents house, that would be perfect in so many different ways!
    2.) I love to play games (board games or video games). My favorite games right now are (apps) Candy Crush, Subway Surfers, (Xbox) Tomb Raider(s), Mass Effect, (PS3) Castlevania, and Disney Adventures.
    1.) I self-published my first book this past February titled Going off Dreams through Amazon Buy My Book! I hope to launch the second book in the series this May. You can visit the official website too

    11 Questions
    1. How do you like your coffee? I like my coffee strong, with little creamer, and sugar. My dad use to tease me and ask if I would like some coffee with my sugar. My boyfriend and I love to get Dunkin' Donuts coffee.
    2. If you were a sandwich, what type of sandwich would you be? Why? Tuna Sandwich ~ because I am not a 'cookie cutter' person. You can make a sandwich in many ways.. When mixing up the tuna salad you can be plain or mix spices, you can even make it sweet. I think the same holds true for myself; sometimes I can exhibit different characteristics. I would like to believe that more times than not, I am sweet, so my sandwich would include mixing sweet gherkins pickles into it or something. 
    3. What is the strangest job you've ever done? I can't think of a 'strange' job, every job I have had, I just have the mindset or work ethic to just do my job (to the best of my ability). 
    4. If you could be invisible for a day, would you use your invisibility for good or for evil? Good. I think it goes against my core to be 'bad'. I could use the money and be like Robin Hood!
    5. Other than invisibility, what skill or talent would you like to have? I would like the ability to heal the lame and sick. Having daily pain and a son with disabilities, I know first-hand of the suffering. If I could heal then I could help others and provide them a way to have a better quality of life.
    6. What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you? One time when I was young, I was at a party with a lot of people there. When I was walking by some people I tripped (or was tripped). I apologized and quickly left that area. I think I stayed outside for the remainder of my time there. I can laugh about it now though.
    7. If you could commit one crime and get away with it, what would it be? This is totally selfish, but I would rob a bank! With the money I would buy a new home and a car (since I don't have one). To not be selfish I would use the money to help people on the streets.
    8. What is you favorite ice cream? Mint Chocolate Chip
    9. If you could be a fictional character from film or literature, who would you be? I think I would want to be the main character from my story Nyx; because of her powers, abilities, and what she is to become.
    10. What is your favorite song lyric? "I want to fall in love with you" Jars of Clay (first lyrics that popped into my head)
    11. If you could rule the world for a day, what would you change? War. I would end war by proclaiming each nation to govern themselves, to take care of their own people. Nations found guilty of terrorism or trying to gain something from another nation will loose their positions. I live in the US, so if we continued to try to police the entire world and tell other people how they should live, then the government would loose their positions and different people would be inducted (as a start).
    11 Liebster Nominees

    11.) The Curse Books Taylor Lavanti
    10.) Lub's Book Chatter Candice Chatter
    9.) Joseph Henry Gaines 
    8.) Lindsay and Jane's Views and Reviews 
    7.) Alli's World Allison Kirk
    6.) Nan Talbert-Carder 
    5.) Ohana Day Academy Chris Condy
    4.) Lost To Books Sienna Logan
    3.) Easy Way (A Blog For Children) Aunt Mary
    2.) Movies Finest Ivan Shishmanov
    1.) Writers Kaboodle Senzoni Whitfield

    11 Questions

    When you submit your post, these are the questions you are to answer.
    11.) What is your all-time favorite movie?

    10.) If you could go anywhere, where would it be?
    9.) How often are you on-line and approximately for how long?
    8.) What is your favorite sport to play or watch (or both)?
    7.) If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be and why?
    6.) What was the last song you listened to?
    5.) When was the last time you donated to a charity?
    4.) Have you ever ridden in the subway or mass transit? Where and why?
    3.) Are you happy with how you look? Why or why not?
    2.) Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
    1.) What was the last book you read and would you recommend it?

    I look forward to reading everyone's posts. Thank you again Kristen @ Black Coffee and Cigarettes. I feel very honored for being nominated and giving me this opportunity.
    Have a great weekend!
    Until next time or the next... dream

    Friday, March 29, 2013

    March Blog Challenge Day 29

    March Blog Challenge
    Day 29: what is your favorite time of year and why?
    March 29, 2013
    When I was younger I loved winter, now that I am getting older with more creaks and moans, winter and I don't really get along too well anymore. However, there is a special time of year during this season, Christmas. Some people think of this time of year and their anxiety levels shoot through the roof. Sure, we have to fight through crazy crowds and stress is probably ten fold during this time. I think the pressure of the season is a social travesty. Each year it seems that retailers start prepping their stores earlier and earlier for the holiday's. It is an element of how we are programmed to be consumers.
    Christmas to me is a time that families get together, and the love in the air is contagious. Lights are fashioned on homes and sparkle in the crisp night air. A tradition in my family, we drive around Christmas Eve looking at all the Christmas lights. Of course, another great aspect of this time of year are the gifts. Most people may prefer receiving - I prefer giving. There is something in the thrill of the hunt for the perfect (or near perfect) gift. Listening and really hearing the people in your life, what they like, what they could use, and finding something that may bring an essence of Christmas Joy to their souls.
    Most importantly ~ Christmas is about the birth of our salvation. The sacrifice so that we may live and not be in constant fear of the dreaded sin. We are born sinners and God knows our struggles. This doesn't mean that He sent Jesus to forgive us of our sins so that we can go out and purposefully commit crime and know we have the ability to be forgiven. It means that He loves and wants us to enjoy the gift of life that He gives us. I know that everyone has their own spirituality, religion, and beliefs. This is my opinion and what I have faith and hope in through my personal relationship with God.
    What is your favorite time of year?
    Until next time or the next... dream

    Thursday, March 28, 2013

    High Voltage Entertainment

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    20,000 Watts of Power

    High Voltage Entertainment is based in  Maryland, servicing the Washington D.C. area, Eastern Shore, Delmarva Beaches, Delaware, York, and Lancaster areas. Providing excellent services and quality sound and lighting for your occasion. If you are hosting a high traffic event, I would highly suggest emailing John Kelly to reserve your date. With affordable pricing, High Voltage Entertainment is quickly becoming the 'go to' for any of the following services:

    • Sound Reinforcement
    • Quality Lighting
    • DJ Services
    Contact John Kelly today to discuss prices, scheduling and availability. 
    Via High Voltage Entertainment's Facebook page (link above)
    • For local bands, acoustic acts, bars, and clubs. We provide every piece of equipment required for your show (except for instruments and amps). We do have a Fender guitar amp as well as bass amp, 4 and 5 string bass guitars available for emergency situations that could arise during your show. 
    • DJ services for everything from your small backyard parties to large 1000+ indoor or outdoor events with intense lighting.
    • Event sound reinforcements services are for indoor and outdoor events with a PA system capable of reaching a very large area
    Currently working with and past clients include: 
    • 103.7 WXCY 
    • The Leslie Avenue Band
    • Scarlet Angel
    • The Whiskey Brothers
    • The Band Perry
    • Bucky Covington
    • Kristen Kelly
    • Brett Elderidge
    • Phoenix Stone
    • The Long Road to Love
    • and many more 

    • - Sound equipment includes up to 6 wedge monitors, plus two large side fill speakers with the main mix. I have found these large side fill speakers with the main mix helps keep stage volume down which in turn creates a better mix. It also benefits the performers greatly, as they can enjoy their performance instead of listening to a dry monitor mix all night. This helps the performance overall, with the players diving into their solos and many of them saying how much better the night went.I use EV Cobalt vocal mics as they have very high off-axis rejection and I rarely experience feedback issues. I am also a minimalist when it comes to effects. Delay and Reverb is provided as close to the album recording of the song being covered. 
    • - Lighting includes 16 standard incandescent par cans on DMX-512 controllers. 6 LED par cans are available and are used to either provide under lighting for the stage or around the drum kit for a great effect. These LED cans are also DMX-512 controlled. A DMX 800 watt strobe, a moving "dance light" and other fixtures are available as well as fog. I have a separate laptop just for running the lighting program, or can set them to automatic. A Truss across the back line of the stage and a choice of a second truss across the front or a set of T-bar stands are available as well. I am always adding more lighting to my inventory as much as possible.

    Country fans: Friday night (03/29/13) at Hollywood Casino Nashville's own Austin Webb will be performing at 8pm! This is a 103.7 WXCY event and free!

    March Blog Challenge Day 28

    March Blog Challenge
    Day 28: what is your guilty pleasure?
    March 28, 2013
    I think we all have a guilty pleasure, or two, or three... well, let's just say that some are more guilty then others. This took me some time to figure out - what exactly - were my guilty pleasures. However, as I have done with this challenge ~ think-think-think & type-type-type.
    My Top 10 Guilty Pleasures
    10.) YA Series - young adult book series didn't really register with me until I was 25. My first gateway series was Harry Potter.  Then I gravitated toward the Chronicles of Narnia series, followed by the Sookie Stackhouse (True Blood) series, and of course the Twilight series.

    9.) Disney Channel - I go through phases when I can't get enough of a Disney Channel show. Such as Even Stevens, Lizzie McGuire, Suite Life, and Life on Deck. I watched Wizards of Waverly Place for a while, and Good Luck Charlie. Naturally, I don't mind watching anything my son loves either (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)!
    8.) Disney Movies - a couple times I have dragged people to the movies with me to see an animated feature or Pixar productions. One time, the person I went with leaned in and whispered "we're the only adults here without children". This just made me giggle. Now, I do have children that I can take to the movies. My sister and I actually joke that we have a valid reason to go to kids movies now. I love taking my nieces and cherish it.
    7.) Food - who doesn't have something that makes their mouth salivate? My problem is that there are too many guilty options. I use to love Easter, not only because of the meaning, but also because of Reese's Easter Eggs. Which, now they have a special Reese's for just about every holiday.
    6.) TV - I think everyone has a program they are addicted to. There was a couple months that we did not have TV. During this time I really didn't miss it. I missed my shows, but I enjoyed the quality time I spent with others. Something else I learned was that when the TV is off, I am more motivated to do things around the house - like cleaning!
    5.) Tips - yes, they may ruin your nail beds for months after you take them off, and your nails will be weak and brittle, but it is a guilty pleasure. Every once in a while I treat myself at the nail salon, it makes me feel good about myself. I feel guilty about it because most of the time it is something that I cannot afford. Eventually, I have to have them taken off or rip them off, because I can't afford to keep them anymore and they grow-out and loose their durability.
    4.) Pedicures - I usually want these more in the spring and summer months when my feet are exposed to the public. I would get them regularly if I could though! I think everyone should find something that relaxes the body like this to pamper themselves with. It is not only good for the body, it is also good for the mind. Usually you get to sit in a massage chair too, which adds to the pampering.
    3.) Hair Salon - most people go regularly to manage their hair styles and coloring. Again, when I can afford it, I treat myself to a hair cut and usually some form of coloring (highlights, lowlights, or peek-a-boo's). This can get pretty pricey depending on when you go and what services they're going to provide for your hair. Most of the time my total is around $100 which I think is pretty common for women with medium to long hair.
    2.) Vehicular - when I was 25 I had to sell my car in order to buy a van for my special needs son. I've never had a car since, actually, I don't have a vehicle at all right now. But, when I did have my car (and no limitations, gas was cheaper, no restrictions) I would love it on a beautiful spring day to just get in my car, turn the radio up, and just drive around. This really helped me at times too if I was really upset. It helped me to return to a calm state, sort of like a quick shock to sober my personality back to a manageable state. Now, it represents a time in my life of independence.
    1.) Buying Gifts - when I was younger my mom would get on me all the time for spending my money on buying people gifts, or for using gift cards that were given to me and getting someone else something. When I would travel, I would always buy those closest to me small gifts. When I have the availability, I love to buy gifts for people. This probably isn't the usual guilty pleasure but being scolded or deterred about buying for others, or not having the money to do so, can trigger those feelings of guilt. Until next time or the next... dream ~ K.E.Nowinsky

    Facebook Promoting

    I just created a group on Facebook to self-promote projects, events, launches, blogs, published work, and anything else. Click on the tabs to view the different files. Add your links, photos, and post what you want to promote. Don't forget to add friends and increase exposure!

    Self-Publishing was the easy part, self-promoting takes valuable time. Time you could be spending on your projects. Just trying to do my all to help others. Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns
    Until next time or the next... dream ~ K.E.Nowinsky

    Wednesday, March 27, 2013

    March Blog Challenge Day 27

    March Blog Challenge
    Day 27: list three online friends you've never met in real life but hope to soon
    March 27, 2013
    1.) +Monica Krausch - I know I have had to reschedule so many times. Can't wait to get together though to discuss the Going off Dreams book trailer and future web series.
    2.) +Stevie Nowinsky - This cool cat is family. We've never physically met, but he is definitely someone I hope to meet one day!
    3.) Marcie Hopbell Yoho - She is probably one of many few that share many of my own opinions.
    Short & sweet ~
    Until next time or the next... dream

    Tuesday, March 26, 2013

    March Blog Challenge Day 26

    March Blog Challenge
    Day 26: what is your favorite food?
    March 26, 2013

    Picking a favorite food is like picking a favorite movie or a favorite song. There are just too many to choose from. What better way to explain my favorite things to eat, by compiling a top ten list!
    Top 10 Favorite Food
    10.) Chinese food – every once in a while I get a craving for shrimp fried rice. To make our order complete we also include cheesy shrimp wontons that is accompanied by a sweet sauce for dipping. It is delicious! I can make my own too, for when we can’t afford to order out.
    9.) Sushi – my favorite sushi rolls are the California roll which is usually some form of imitation crab meat, fish row, and avocado. I also like this same roll with fresh (yes raw) fish on top; it has been called a rainbow roll and an Alaskan roll. Some people think of sushi and wrinkle up their nose in disgust. I say, try it, you might like it. I had this reaction too until my friend forced me to try it and I’ve been hooked ever since.
    8.) Grapefruit – now that I am getting older, the acidity can upset my stomach, so I have to be careful. When I first started eating grapefruit, it was very frustrating for me when attempting to maneuver getting the sectional pieces out. When Pampered Chef introduced the grapefruit spoon I haven’t used anything else, to eat grapefruit, since then. I love to cut the grapefruit in half and sprinkle some sugar on top. When I am finished I like to squeeze any remaining juice into my bowl to sip off the spoon.
    7.) Fish – growing up I did not appreciate eating fish. Now that I am older, I can. Not only do I think the taste is better, but there are great health benefits to eating fish. I believe that fish contains omega proteins that are very beneficial for our health.
    6.) Chicken – it used to be a special treat growing up, to have KFC for dinner. However, my favorite chicken is from Royal Farms. It is never dry, which is important. Dry chicken is hard to chew and I associate it with no taste. Probably because growing up, the healthy way we ate chicken was oven roasted. Yes, fried chicken is not healthy, I know. But, it is still considered a special treat because we do not eat it all the time.
    5.) Dessert – my favorite dessert would be Haagen Dazs raspberry shorbet. One of my favorite desserts that my sister made me once were these little mini flaky bread like cups filled with raspberries and chocolate. Godiva has a chocolate filled raspberry that is wonderful as well.
    4.) Seafood – hello, I have been born and raised in Maryland. There is nothing like the smell of special seasoning, beer, and vinegar in the air. Of course I am talking about steamed crabs, the only way to eat them in my opinion. There are a few places that serve them all year (as long as they can get them). Usually, this is traditional for spring and summer.
    3.) Family Favorites – my family loves food! Some of my favorite family dishes are of course, my mom’s broccoli casserole and her breakfast casserole. The broccoli casserole contains (of course broccoli – steamed) with Ritz crackers crushed up and sprinkled on top and some Velveeta cheese. The breakfast casserole is a Christmas tradition it includes bread, eggs, and sausage. My mom use to make chicken and dumplings, as my favorite dinner meal, usually reserved for my birthday.
    2.) Raspberries – you could probably tell by #5 that raspberries are a favorite of mine. I remember we use to have raspberries growing in our back yard when I was young. We could go out there and pick them off until our finger tips were discolored and our belly’s ache. If I can afford it, I will usually pick up a container of raspberries when grocery shopping, as a special treat. Plus, I just read that raspberries are consumed to help fight against pain.
    1.) Pickles – my dad has joked before, when I stop by to eat lunch with my parent’s; “hide the pickles!” My favorites are dill spears, bread and butter, and sweet gherkins. They don’t have any fat, but high in sodium. I don’t know why I like them so much, but they have always been a favorite snack of mine.
    All this talk of food has made me really hungry! Speaking of sweet gherkins, I have a jar in the pantry I think I’ll go and pop open. Until next time or the next… dream ~ K.E.Nowinsky

    Monday, March 25, 2013

    March Blog Challenge Day 25

    March Blog Challenge
    Day 25: describe your location
    March 25, 2013

    This could be fun. I will give various hints and descriptives. Then you have to guess where I am in five parts: state, city, where I am located, what room I can be found in, and what material object I am positioned on. If you can guess all five hints correctly – you will win an Amazon gift card. In order to receive your gift card you have to use the comment field to submit your guesses. Bonus: increased amount on gift card if you are a follower of this blog. Offer ends 3/31/13

    In no particular order:
    Hint 1 - 8 15 13 5
    Hint 2 - Hint 3 including what rhymes with dune.
    Hint 3 - covered, should be comfortable but I need a new one, some prefer this to be hard and others prefer for it to be softer.
    Hint 4 - pictograms two words
    Bee - e

    This is an _______

    Hint 5 - You can learn more about my location by visiting the website of my book.
    Good Luck!
    Until next time or the next… dream

    March Blog Challenge Day 24

    March Blog Challenge
    Day 24: describe your most embarrassing moment
    March 24, 2013

    This is a hard one to remember exactly, maybe because I try to forget embarrassing things. I usually do not get embarrassed over things. I am sure there have been moments in my life that were, by definition, more embarrassing. However, here is the top five embarrassing moments I could remember.
    Top 5 of my Most Embarrassing Moments
    5.) My sweet 16 birthday party. This was embarrassing to me because I was forced to dance with my boy cousins. One, because I did not like attention directed toward me or on me. Secondly, it felt like my cousins were forced to dance with me. This could have been a distorted memory, because cousin or not, at this point in my life I thought boys didn’t like me in general.
    4.) Christmas gift from my sister. Some gifts can be embarrassing, like bridal shower gifts, or bachelorette party favors. This Christmas gift was embarrassing to me because I was young and my sister and her boyfriend at the time gifted a pair of silky sleepwear. To me, this was lingerie, and was inappropriate because of my age, the occasion, and because I was in front of my family.
    3.) Breaking down in the middle of a busy intersection. This was both embarrassing and frustrating. I was driving a Pontiac Grand Am that would sporadically putter or jerk to a halt. This particular day, it decided to quit in a busy intersection. The frustrating part was that two cop cars passed right by us. I had friends with me too. The heroes were the volunteer fire fighters that helped to direct traffic and push my car to a parking lot.
    2.) Birthday celebration at T.G.I.F Friday’s. I can’t recall what year this occurred, I remember I was working at Best Buy and I believe it was a surprise party. There were quite a few people there, along with the other patrons of the restaurant. The surprise wasn’t the embarrassing part; the part that I know my face turned bright red over was when our table server announced to the entire restaurant that it was my birthday. The usual song wouldn’t have even been this embarrassing. The server announced it like it was the main event of wrestling or boxing.
    1.) The most humiliating thing was when my ex-husband cheated on our marriage. It was embarrassing because I considered and kept thinking about what people would say or reason as to ‘what went wrong’. It was his choice, he put himself in the situation, and he wanted it and did it. The distortion in my thinking was that it had anything to do with me. Through counseling I have learned that he didn’t cheat because of me, there wasn’t anything I could have done to prevent it, and is not a reflection of the person or who I am.
    Until next time or the next… dream

    March Blog Challenge Day 23

    March Blog Challenge
    Day 23: what is your hobby?
    March 23, 2013

    By definition, a hobby is an activity that is enjoyable, that I have done regularly, and during time of leisure. There have been different hobbies that I have had through the years; from watching movies to scrapbooking. Right now I would even say that blogging is becoming a hobby of mine.  So, I think that these three would be in different categories.
    The Youngest: Blogging. I started blogging to gain recognition for my writing and promoting my book (Going off Dreams, on Amazon). Then I started to blog about other things as well, like shows, movies, and then discovered blogging challenges. Instead of crowding one blog with all of this, I created four different blogs. To blog about my book, the original blog, “Going off Dreams: the journey @  To write about the shows I watch and movies, there is Wait Watch Wonder @ A more personal blog about things that I have experienced there is Faith Warrior @
    The Shortest: Scrapbooking. Growing up I had always kept albums, until I learned properly how to scrap book it was just photos in photo albums along with anything else I could include. This could be movie and concert stubs, greeting cards that I was given throughout the years, and other memorabilia. Then, in 2001 I went with a group of friends on a Disney Cruise. When we decided to get together to scrapbook, I was introduced to new techniques. When I had the time, space, and money this was enjoyable.  After a while it became more difficult. Eventually time slipped away and now the anxiety of trying to play ‘catch-up’ is one of the reasons that I let it go. Mostly, it is the financial aspect of scrapbooking the way I would want to and the space to be able to do it that is a deterrent. 
    The Longest: Movies. This is something that I have always enjoyed. To me, it is an escape. It is something that I can lose myself in. For the time that you are engaged, you are taken somewhere else. When I was younger it filled me with hope. I loved to watch my collection of Disney movies that were all about finding someone and it was my misinterpretation of love. As I have gotten older, it is something that still takes me away from reality.
    So, what is your favorite hobby?
    Until next time or the next… dream

    March Blog Challenge Day 22

    March Blog Challenge
    Day 22: what do you do when you are home alone?
    March 22, 2013

    One of my favorite things to do when I am home alone is to just chill.  Not chill by definition, rather my own interpretation. This could be a lazy day in bed, relaxing with nothing that needs to be done, and watching something good. It can be difficult to find something exciting to watch on TV, so usually I would prefer to rent a movie on-demand. I think the last time was a week or two ago, when I stayed up late and rented Wreck-it Ralph. It was such a cute movie. You can read my review on another blog of mine
    I just like this form of shutting my head down, not analyzing anything, and not dealing with reality (at that time). I know eventually reality has to be dealt with. Unfortunately, I have been through a lot in life. I know there are others that have probably been through more than I have. But, for me, it has been really rough for over a decade now.
    Risky Business (1983)
    Another thing I like to do when I am home alone is to jam to some favorite tunes. Again, jam not by definition. This really helps me get motivated when I need to clean the house. There is something about putting in a favorite CD and dancing around. If you are self-conscious like me, dancing in front of just anyone can be difficult (and usually would require the help of alcohol). But, when you don’t think anyone is looking it can be really fun to just let-go. Of course, I would be so embarrassed if I did see someone that was watching me. Probably wondering – what the heck is that nut job doing?
    What do you like to do when you are home alone?
    Until next time or the next… dream

    Thursday, March 21, 2013

    March Blog Challenge Day 21

    March Blog Challenge
    Day 21: what is your biggest fear?
    March 21, 2013
    When I was pregnant with my son, my biggest fear was that he would be born handicapped.  Working with special needs children, this was something I had to face every day during my pregnancy. It was something that plagued my mind. I even talked to my (now ex) husband and made him promise that if our child was born with special needs that he wouldn't show any prejudice. There was no real reason why I should have been so concerned. My doctor appointments and tests all came back normal. It wasn't until my water broke two months early that we started to worry of the reality that something might be wrong.
    Reading all the books while pregnant, another fear that I had was something would go wrong with the delivery as well. This added to my fears when my water broke early. We rushed to the local hospital only to be told that I would have to be transported to another hospital that could deal with the degree of early delivery. At first we were given the choice of a couple different hospitals. However, come to find out, we didn't have the choice and was shipped off to Johns Hopkins at Bayview. I was put on bed rest in the hospital. A week later I had to be induced (for labor) because I was running a low grade temperature. Over 36 hours later, when both my son and I were in distress, we were rushed for an emergency cesarean.  
    To this day I still have nightmares about the delivery. Neither epidural was effective, someone told me that I would feel a slight burn (as they cut me open). The pain was intense, not only did I feel like my lower abdomen was on fire, but there was pressure. It’s hard for me to describe the pain. From screaming I had busted my vessels around my eyes. My mom said it looked like someone had punched me in both eyes. I remember screaming for Jesus. The anesthesiologist had given me something after my son was taken out of me that sent me to La-La Land. It upset me that the doctors bragged that they were able to get my son out in such-a-such time, to me it felt like much more!
    Having watched all the Baby Story shows on TV, I was excited about the delivery and getting to hold my newborn. However, this didn’t happen. My son was taken away because he needed further assistance. He was born with a TEF (tracheal-esophageal fistula). I only got to visit with him for a little bit’ before he was transported via medevac to Johns Hopkins Hospital. It was hard being away from him, I couldn’t leave the hospital I was at until I was discharged. I couldn’t be discharged right away because I still had a low grade fever. They did different tests throughout the following day or two and then decided to discharge me (even though I still had a low grade temperature.) I was anxious to get to my son, so I didn’t think twice.
    My son was in the NICU (neo intensive care unit) at Johns Hopkins Hospital, he had all these different tubes. It was very hard to see and difficult to hold him. My insecurities fueled my fear that the nurses thought less of me for not being able to be there with him. However, I pushed this aside and just wanted to hold Kaleb (my son). I say “You Are My Sunshine” to him for the first time along with a lot of tears. This would be the last time I would get to hold Kaleb for the next few months.
    I had been very sick, I couldn’t move off the couch, and had excess fluids coming out of my c-section site. I called my sister who is a nurse and she called my gynecologist and made an emergency appointment for the next day. When we arrived and the doctor attempted to look at my site, it busted open and fluid went everywhere. It was something straight out of a horror movie. He instructed my sister to take me immediately to the hospital that performed the c-section. Come to find out, I had Necrotizing Fasciitis (the flesh-eating bacteria). Because of this I was diagnosed with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). I have a horrendous scar that leaves me with daily chronic pain (severe nerve damage and scar tissue). To say that all of my fears that I encompassed during my pregnancy came true, is an understatement. I talk more about this experience in another blog that I write in entitled Faith Warrior, check it out.
    Until next time or the next… dream

    Tuesday, March 19, 2013

    March Blog Challenge Day 20

    March Blog Challenge
    Day 20: what do you collect?
    March 20, 2013

    Through the years I have collected many things. The one constant within my collections would be my love of Disney. Over the years I have collected Disney Animated Movies, Disney Books, and Disney figurines (and other collectables).  Some of the items were not intentional, just something that materialized through time.
    Top 10 of My Collectables through the Years
    10.) Carousel Horses – as a young girl for my birthday or for a gift giving occasion, my mom would pick out beautiful carousel horses (and a few rocking horses) figurines.  They were packed up once I hit adolescence and stored at my parents’ house. Since then, I have given them to my young nieces.
    9.) Cat Figurines – I loved animals, I still do. When I was younger, I wanted a cat. My parents would not consent, so I had to be content with collecting ‘cat’ things. I had a few cat Home Interior pictures and figurines. My youngest niece shares in this love of cats and along with other childhood collectibles I acquired through my younger years, I passed them to her.
    8.) Blankets – my theory is that you can’t have enough blankets. This was something that was not intentional. My first couple of blankets was nice knitted ones that were given to me by my parent’s (a sunflower knitted blanket and The Lion King knitted blanket). Then I was given some more Disney blankets from other family members. Then one year for Christmas my parents gave me a very nice Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto knitted blanket. My grandmother hand-crafted her own quilts, I still have them and cherish them.
    7.) Beer/Cider/Alcohol Caps – This seems to be a silly thing to collect. It started after we had just moved into our new home. There is an open small space above the range in the kitchen. I think it was originally made to hold spices, but since I was given a beautiful spice rack, I didn't know what else to do with this area. One day after opening some beer, the caps were just piling up on the table. It seemed like such a waste to throw them away. So, I just started throwing them up in the area and there is where they stay.
    6.) Music/Books – when I was younger I belonged to a CD club where you got to initially pick out CD’s for a penny each. Then each month you were sent a new selection in the specified categories that I had chosen. They accumulated over the years until I could no longer afford them. I also started collecting the books I have read. Then, Kindle came out and now they’re electronic. My mom prefers holding a book. I personally can do both and it doesn't bother me. It definitely saves space storing them electronically.
    5.) Xbox 360/PS3 Games – we couldn't afford a game system for years. Then, one day (just for fun) we went to a semi-local casino. I won over $2,000 dollars.  My husband at the time (now divorced and he’s remarried) and I decided to split the money. I thought that we deserved to use the money how we wanted to; we deserved to have some happiness.  I used my money to buy my Xbox 360. One of my first games was Cars.  My boyfriend Justin introduced me to the PS3 and we both have a love of gaming and enjoy playing together. Together we probably have over 50 games (I know I have sold some of mine over the years) which might not seem like a lot of games to some people.
    4.) Tea Pots/Cups – this was not something that I intentionally wanted to collect. My family loves to go to tea. Mostly the women in our family will take time out and go to a proper tea (in a tea room). Since then, my mom has bought some really nice tea pots and has given me some nice tea cups and saucers too. I probably have over 10 tea pots that are displayed in my kitchen.
    3.) Polish Pottery – this is something that I have started to collect more recently. It is special to me since, on my father’s side of my family, our heritage is partly Polish.  Polish Pottery is sturdy and has interesting patterns. I really love the pieces that my parents have given me (included are two tea pots).
    2.) Disney Animated Movies – I started collecting Disney movies when I was very young. I would watch them over and over again.  My sister and I would have movie marathon’s where we would pick a few of our favorites to watch in a day. I had them displayed in my bedroom growing up and would keep them in order of when they had been released. I had a Disney encyclopedia that had the list that I could reference to keep them in proper order.  Now, they are still on a shelf, however I am unable to watch them since I do not have a working VCR.
    1.) Disney Collectibles – I have an entire cabinet full of Disney memorabilia; items from Walt Disney World trips, items that have been given to me over the years, and the Disney Traditions Collectible Figurines.

    What is something that you have collected that you cherish the most?

    Until next time or the next… dream