Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Going off Dreams Saga Productions

Putting Hard Work To The Test...

So, since the original launch of my first title Going off Dreams, we have been down the rabbit hole, and hopefully now we can concentrate on making this series more successful. How do we do this? Well, we have had talented individuals who have taken their time to review Going off Dreams and while the reviews were great, there was a constant variable - two suggestions that would help the book. The first suggestion was to have the book professionally edited. The second suggestion, by various people, was to redo the cover of the book.

So, Here We Are...

After discussing these options with those closest to me, we believe that these are the right avenues to pursue. We believe in this series and want to see it succeed. People who read the first book love it and have said they are anticipating the second book. So, how can we get the book more noticeable? What is one of the first things you look at when you are e-shopping for that next read? The cover - right? Along with the description and the reviews (to see if people like the series). The reviews are fabulous, we have been working with the synopsis of the story, and now the book cover.

In an attempt to create the book cover that will snag your interests we have incorporated the help of other, talented individuals to help us. We have been working together for quite some time now hoping to get this project underway so that we can have a relaunch within the next month or so. It was suggested to start a Kickstarter campaign to help us fund our projects. Because, not only are we going to shoot a new and unique cover for the book, we also want to shoot a book trailer as well.

The Old Book Cover

Kickstarter 101

This is a great idea for individuals who need help to jump-start their ideas... for us, it is for the book cover and a book trailer. IF we reach our goal and by the Grace of God receive more than what the project needs - then we can take it that next step and start investing more in editing and marketing services. However, if we don't reach our goal by the designated date then we do not get anything and all our time and effort has been wasted.

How Kickstarter works, people pledge money - these people are called 'backers' - if the project is successful, if we reach the goal by the designated time, then we get the funding to proceed with the project. If we do not reach our goal by the designated date and time, then we get nothing. On the projects page you can read about the different people involved in the campaign, what your money will go toward, and you get to watch video's of the individuals too. I have to admit - I'm not comfortable in front of the camera - I'd much rather be behind the scenes writing.

What I really like about the Kickstarter program is the incentives. Through my investigations there are different ways and different things people try to entice you to contribute. We are offering books, pictures, book markers, magnets and soon we will be offering even more unique incentives as well. That is, IF the project is successful, those that have pledged money will receive these items (according to their pledge amount). I'm really looking forward to this, I think it is an exciting aspect that can help others spark interest in the series as well.

Please Help Our Dreams And Invest In The Quest!

The magical carriage turns back into a pumpkin December 11th, 2013. We have until then to raise the $3,000. You can pledge anything above $1 or more! Please click on the widget above to go and read the campaign page. If you want a laugh click on the video too. It's hilarious because I didn't know I made some facial expressions as I do - it took several takes for us to get this one as it is. But, don't worry - we hope to post better videos soon that explains our project in more depth.

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Official Website Going off Dreams: the series
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Need Your Support! Realms Faire

November 11th Kicks Off The Anticipated Realms Faire

My Coat of Arms

There are various events that I am very excited to be participating in:

Make sure to use #grogz when you stop by to cheer me on, you can cheer three times a day. You, as a commentor, can score points for me by using 'key' words in your posts. My words are: K.E.N, Dreams, and Phoenix. Plus, you have a chance by commenting to win daily prizes as well. Make sure to click on the link above to see what the daily prizes are.

As an added bonus, if you cheer me on for the entire week (November 11th -15th) and use the key words, you will be entered to win some fabulous prizes! Make sure you comment below as well to let me know you've commented and to enter to win. I look forward to reading all the cheers and leers!!

Dueling Bards

Is the event that the creator is biting at the bit to release to the world. Through her amazing time and considerations she has matched up two authors who have blindly written a piece (following questions and rules of course). Think mad libs for the Realms Faire... I'm really anticipating this event! Please, make sure to click the link above to go and check out the talents and creative geniuses involved. It's sure to be a wildly good time. I'll be posting more the date that I am featured for this event.

Masquerade Parade 

While I can't tell you what I wrote about, I can give you hints. If you didn't know I am a self-published author. My first title is Going off Dreams on Amazon. The main protagonist in my series is Eryn, she's leads a normal life and has a close and supportive family. They face some challenges along the way and are blessed to have each other to get through the rough times. Meanwhile, Eryn has been having intense dreams, so much so that she is questioning her sanity. Could what she's experiencing in her dreams be reality? 

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Dueling Bards

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Annual Realms Faire 2013

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Awesome Opportunity

BTS eMag

If you haven't heard of BTS on-line magazine, then let me introduce you... if you look to the right you will find two widgets for the November Issue - make sure to check it out.

The magazine helps showcase writers and their works. This is a superb opportunity for self-published authors, and very affordable too! The best part, it can help you connect to endless possibilities for absolutely FREE - which is too hard to come by these days.

Attention Fellow Writer & Bloggers

If you are interested in showcasing your work, BTS has a couple different avenues. You can post widgets on your sites, you can blog about the magazine, host hops, and enter for the chance to win prizes such as free advertising and even monetary prizes. It can't hurt to try - right?

If you are interested (who wouldn't be!) send an inquiry e-mail to  Please include the e-mail that you want to use, the URL website that you will be using, and PLEASE let them know where you heard this from: Tell them Kristy Nowinsky (K.E.Nowinsky) sent you (please also include my e-mail, 

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Goodreads Best Books of 2013

Opening Round Has Begun

I think this could be a fabulous opportunity to support our favorite self-published books! Please, go and vote for your favorite books in each of the several categories. Make sure to vote for Going off Dreams in the Fiction and Fantasy categories.

Fantasy ~
Fiction ~

"Choose the best books of the year in the Goodreads Choice Awards, the only major book awards decided by readers. Support your favorites by voting in all three rounds!" Goodreads Inc., 2013

Nearly 400,000 votes have already been cast!

Voting Schedule is as follows:
Opening Round - November 4th - 9th
Semifinal Round - November 11th - 16th
Final Round - November 18th - 25th

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Going off Dreams: the journey: Photo Shoot

Going off Dreams: the journey: Photo Shoot 11/4: Today was an amazing experience, so many emotions were triggered all at once through out the day. My nerves actually started a couple of day...

IF you didn't know, I am a self-published author. My first book "Going off Dreams" launched originally this past February. I received wonderful reviews, but decided to take the advice I was given and had it professionally edited by There For You Editing Services. Now, the next journey we are undertaking is photo shoots and book trailers for the relaunch. We've decided to create a Kickstarter Campaign, so watch for that soon too!