Monday, March 25, 2013

March Blog Challenge Day 24

March Blog Challenge
Day 24: describe your most embarrassing moment
March 24, 2013

This is a hard one to remember exactly, maybe because I try to forget embarrassing things. I usually do not get embarrassed over things. I am sure there have been moments in my life that were, by definition, more embarrassing. However, here is the top five embarrassing moments I could remember.
Top 5 of my Most Embarrassing Moments
5.) My sweet 16 birthday party. This was embarrassing to me because I was forced to dance with my boy cousins. One, because I did not like attention directed toward me or on me. Secondly, it felt like my cousins were forced to dance with me. This could have been a distorted memory, because cousin or not, at this point in my life I thought boys didn’t like me in general.
4.) Christmas gift from my sister. Some gifts can be embarrassing, like bridal shower gifts, or bachelorette party favors. This Christmas gift was embarrassing to me because I was young and my sister and her boyfriend at the time gifted a pair of silky sleepwear. To me, this was lingerie, and was inappropriate because of my age, the occasion, and because I was in front of my family.
3.) Breaking down in the middle of a busy intersection. This was both embarrassing and frustrating. I was driving a Pontiac Grand Am that would sporadically putter or jerk to a halt. This particular day, it decided to quit in a busy intersection. The frustrating part was that two cop cars passed right by us. I had friends with me too. The heroes were the volunteer fire fighters that helped to direct traffic and push my car to a parking lot.
2.) Birthday celebration at T.G.I.F Friday’s. I can’t recall what year this occurred, I remember I was working at Best Buy and I believe it was a surprise party. There were quite a few people there, along with the other patrons of the restaurant. The surprise wasn’t the embarrassing part; the part that I know my face turned bright red over was when our table server announced to the entire restaurant that it was my birthday. The usual song wouldn’t have even been this embarrassing. The server announced it like it was the main event of wrestling or boxing.
1.) The most humiliating thing was when my ex-husband cheated on our marriage. It was embarrassing because I considered and kept thinking about what people would say or reason as to ‘what went wrong’. It was his choice, he put himself in the situation, and he wanted it and did it. The distortion in my thinking was that it had anything to do with me. Through counseling I have learned that he didn’t cheat because of me, there wasn’t anything I could have done to prevent it, and is not a reflection of the person or who I am.
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