Sunday, March 31, 2013

Liebster Award

March 31, 2013 Happy Easter!!

Liebster Award

Can you believe it? I've been nominated for an award. It is very exciting and a wonderful Easter surprise. I would like to thank Kristen from Black Coffee and Cigarettes for nominating me. Go check out her blog.In order to accept these awards there are some hoops to jump through, some hurdles to jump over, and so forth. But, it will all be worth it for these prestigious awards. Not to mention they are pretty cute!

Things To Do:

    • Post the award on your blog (see above)
    • Thank the lovely blogger(s) who gave you the award and link back to their site(s)
    • Post 11 random facts about yourself
    • Answer 11 questions that the presenter of the award has asked you
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    • Ask your nominees 11 questions

    11 Random Facts About Myself

    11.) Kristen had posted this on her blog and this is how my eyes react too. Sometimes they are green (the majority of the time) and sometimes they look blue. It usually depends on what I am wearing and my mood. I have often wondered why and how this is possible.

    10.) My son Kaleb has special needs and requires 24/7 care. It is very difficult being a constant caregiver and this past November I had to be hospitalized and treated for depression. I learned a lot and I want to share that experience and what I learned through another blog that I write Faith Warrior 
    9.) I almost died after having a cesarean. The site contracted Necrotizing Fasciitis "the flesh eating bacteria." God had different plans for me though. To this day I still miss my belly button though.
    8.) I asked my boyfriend +Justin Barnhill to tell me a random fact about myself. He commented that I am tough, strong willed, and "I tend to bust balls when necessary." Tomorrow is actually our one year anniversary :)
    7.) Even though I am 'tough' I have a huge scar, massive scar tissue and nerve damage from the complications of childbirth mentioned above. This causes me daily chronic pain (for the past 10 years) and I have to take medications (which I hate to do). One day I hope to be pain free...
    6.) I love anything Disney! Growing up I had and repeatedly watched Disney Animated Features. My favorites were Cinderella, Aladdin, The Little Mermaind, Beauty and the Beast... ok, I think I love them all. The optimist in me wants to believe in the 'fairy tale love.'
    5.) I love my Superheros (another submission from my boyfriend). I think I love Superheros because they usually represent the ability to be more than ordinary. My favorites would be Rouge, Storm, Captain America, and Iron Man.
    4.) I have obsessive traits. Sometimes a song will play over and over in my head (phrases or words too). I will become obsessed about certain things, like now I am obsessive about blogging and watching The Dog Whisperer with Ceaser Millan.
    3.) When I go to bed at night, I like to think about what I wish ... right now my dreamy happy place (it helps me to fall asleep) is to buy a farm and have the resources and abilities to run something like a no-kill shelter. There is a farm behind my parents house, that would be perfect in so many different ways!
    2.) I love to play games (board games or video games). My favorite games right now are (apps) Candy Crush, Subway Surfers, (Xbox) Tomb Raider(s), Mass Effect, (PS3) Castlevania, and Disney Adventures.
    1.) I self-published my first book this past February titled Going off Dreams through Amazon Buy My Book! I hope to launch the second book in the series this May. You can visit the official website too

    11 Questions
    1. How do you like your coffee? I like my coffee strong, with little creamer, and sugar. My dad use to tease me and ask if I would like some coffee with my sugar. My boyfriend and I love to get Dunkin' Donuts coffee.
    2. If you were a sandwich, what type of sandwich would you be? Why? Tuna Sandwich ~ because I am not a 'cookie cutter' person. You can make a sandwich in many ways.. When mixing up the tuna salad you can be plain or mix spices, you can even make it sweet. I think the same holds true for myself; sometimes I can exhibit different characteristics. I would like to believe that more times than not, I am sweet, so my sandwich would include mixing sweet gherkins pickles into it or something. 
    3. What is the strangest job you've ever done? I can't think of a 'strange' job, every job I have had, I just have the mindset or work ethic to just do my job (to the best of my ability). 
    4. If you could be invisible for a day, would you use your invisibility for good or for evil? Good. I think it goes against my core to be 'bad'. I could use the money and be like Robin Hood!
    5. Other than invisibility, what skill or talent would you like to have? I would like the ability to heal the lame and sick. Having daily pain and a son with disabilities, I know first-hand of the suffering. If I could heal then I could help others and provide them a way to have a better quality of life.
    6. What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you? One time when I was young, I was at a party with a lot of people there. When I was walking by some people I tripped (or was tripped). I apologized and quickly left that area. I think I stayed outside for the remainder of my time there. I can laugh about it now though.
    7. If you could commit one crime and get away with it, what would it be? This is totally selfish, but I would rob a bank! With the money I would buy a new home and a car (since I don't have one). To not be selfish I would use the money to help people on the streets.
    8. What is you favorite ice cream? Mint Chocolate Chip
    9. If you could be a fictional character from film or literature, who would you be? I think I would want to be the main character from my story Nyx; because of her powers, abilities, and what she is to become.
    10. What is your favorite song lyric? "I want to fall in love with you" Jars of Clay (first lyrics that popped into my head)
    11. If you could rule the world for a day, what would you change? War. I would end war by proclaiming each nation to govern themselves, to take care of their own people. Nations found guilty of terrorism or trying to gain something from another nation will loose their positions. I live in the US, so if we continued to try to police the entire world and tell other people how they should live, then the government would loose their positions and different people would be inducted (as a start).
    11 Liebster Nominees

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    1.) Writers Kaboodle Senzoni Whitfield

    11 Questions

    When you submit your post, these are the questions you are to answer.
    11.) What is your all-time favorite movie?

    10.) If you could go anywhere, where would it be?
    9.) How often are you on-line and approximately for how long?
    8.) What is your favorite sport to play or watch (or both)?
    7.) If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be and why?
    6.) What was the last song you listened to?
    5.) When was the last time you donated to a charity?
    4.) Have you ever ridden in the subway or mass transit? Where and why?
    3.) Are you happy with how you look? Why or why not?
    2.) Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
    1.) What was the last book you read and would you recommend it?

    I look forward to reading everyone's posts. Thank you again Kristen @ Black Coffee and Cigarettes. I feel very honored for being nominated and giving me this opportunity.
    Have a great weekend!
    Until next time or the next... dream