Thursday, May 9, 2013

Nurse Appreciation Week

Nurses have a huge impact in my life. My sister is an RN, I have many friends that are nurses and my son requires nursing care. I am thankful for nurses and it has been my experience that many times when the doctor is absent, a nurse is there to help. If you know a nurse, make sure you show your appreciation this week, their jobs aren't easy. It takes a very special individual to be in the medical field as a nurse.
My sister fought and worked hard through the time she spent in her RN program. It was a day to celebrate when she graduated, we are so proud of her. Since then she has worked at many prestigious affiliations and has saved countless lives. She's saved my life repeatedly, especially when I was in the hospital myself.
My son is severely handicapped and requires 24/7 care. His nurses that we currently have are wonderful. His day nurse that goes to school with him is a valuable part of his team and I know the progress he's made this year is in part due to her. Night nurses have not been an easy position to fill (especially in my home, I expect nothing but the best for my son's care). His current night nurse that we have has been with us for a couple years now and I know I can go to bed and rest easy (which is not easy to do, especially in the beginning and with new nurses).
So, if you know a nurse - send them a text, e-mail, or message and just tell them that they are appreciated! Until next time or the next... dream ~ K.E.Nowinsky

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