Monday, March 25, 2013

March Blog Challenge Day 23

March Blog Challenge
Day 23: what is your hobby?
March 23, 2013

By definition, a hobby is an activity that is enjoyable, that I have done regularly, and during time of leisure. There have been different hobbies that I have had through the years; from watching movies to scrapbooking. Right now I would even say that blogging is becoming a hobby of mine.  So, I think that these three would be in different categories.
The Youngest: Blogging. I started blogging to gain recognition for my writing and promoting my book (Going off Dreams, on Amazon). Then I started to blog about other things as well, like shows, movies, and then discovered blogging challenges. Instead of crowding one blog with all of this, I created four different blogs. To blog about my book, the original blog, “Going off Dreams: the journey @  To write about the shows I watch and movies, there is Wait Watch Wonder @ A more personal blog about things that I have experienced there is Faith Warrior @
The Shortest: Scrapbooking. Growing up I had always kept albums, until I learned properly how to scrap book it was just photos in photo albums along with anything else I could include. This could be movie and concert stubs, greeting cards that I was given throughout the years, and other memorabilia. Then, in 2001 I went with a group of friends on a Disney Cruise. When we decided to get together to scrapbook, I was introduced to new techniques. When I had the time, space, and money this was enjoyable.  After a while it became more difficult. Eventually time slipped away and now the anxiety of trying to play ‘catch-up’ is one of the reasons that I let it go. Mostly, it is the financial aspect of scrapbooking the way I would want to and the space to be able to do it that is a deterrent. 
The Longest: Movies. This is something that I have always enjoyed. To me, it is an escape. It is something that I can lose myself in. For the time that you are engaged, you are taken somewhere else. When I was younger it filled me with hope. I loved to watch my collection of Disney movies that were all about finding someone and it was my misinterpretation of love. As I have gotten older, it is something that still takes me away from reality.
So, what is your favorite hobby?
Until next time or the next… dream