Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March Blog Challenge Day 18

March Blog Challenge
Day 18: where are you happiest?
March 18, 2013

Thinking back of where I have been happiest, my answer would have to be Castaway Cay, Disney’s own private island. Over 10 years ago I went on a Disney Cruise Vacation with friends. We spent a couple days in the Walt Disney World parks; we were booked at The Boardwalk, a resort near Epcot. Then a couple days on the Disney Cruise Lines, I believe we were on the Wonder.  We stopped at a couple places; the first was where the resort Atlantis is. It is an amazing place with great excursions, underground aquariums, and mystical swimming lagoons.  When we were there Ricky Martin was filming a music video and we were unable to complete the entire aquarium tour.  But, my favorite was Castaway Cay. I usually don’t like beaches, the sand wasn’t course or hot; the sand was cool and cushy on my feet. On their beaches there were hammocks, it was very relaxing, and with the scenery very beautiful.  We snorkeled, swimming with great fish, and even a sea turtle. There were sunken treasures to explore, like a statue of Captain Mickey.  There is also an old WWII air field strip that you can walk, they had an old airplane fashioned with Donald Duck. You could also get massages in personal outside cabana’s (I couldn’t afford to do this) but it looked amazing. I joked that this would be my heaven – the cool sand, relaxing in the hammock, and nothing to worry about besides the passing storms. I’m sure there are new things added to Castaway Cay since I was there so many years ago. One of the popular features was Mount Rustmore. If you have never been, definitely put it on your places to visit, it is well worth it!
Until next time or the next… dream