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Honors Of Being Nominated

The Prestigious Liebster Award

First of all, thank you+Cathrina Constantine for nominating me for the Liebster Blog Award. I am very honored. Please take a moment and visit Cathrina's blog here Cathrina Constatine Blog. There are some rules to this prestigious award. First, you answer 11 questions about yourself (you may skip this step and move to question 2 if you like). Second, ask 11 new questions for the bloggers you nominate to answer. Third, Choose up to 11 new up-and-coming blogs (with less than 200 followers) to nominate. Fourth, Go to each blogger's page and let them know about the award. Fifth, make sure to thank the person that nominated you (check!) My personal opinion is that there should be a sixth instruction or rule, which would be - don't forget to show off your Liebster Award by adding the widget to your blog.

Eleven Things About Myself

11.) I self-published my first book this past February
10.) The majority of my professional training is within the Special Education field
9.) My son is handicapped
8.) I am a survivor of "the flesh eating bacteria" (a.k.a Necrotizing Fascitis)
7.) I have one older sister and am an Aunt to two gorgeous nieces
6.) Obtained my Associates of Arts degree in Psychology (60% through my Bachelor's)
5.) Born and raised in Maryland
4.) Hence, Baltimore Ravens and Orioles fan
3.) Have big plans - just need big money (lol) = love to daydream
2.) I stopped smoking about four months ago
1.) Secretly, I love singing in the shower!

Constatine's Questions

1.) What one goal must be accomplished by the end of summer? Well, since I said that my second book would be released this past spring, and I am still editing, I would go with - my second book must be accomplished by the end of summer.
2.) One regret of your youth? Just one? lol j/k My one regret was that I was so naive and shy (is that considered two?). Anyway, I think that this contributed to my self-conscious behaviors, and it kept me from really standing up for myself. If I could talk to myself as I am now, to the young girl I once was, I would have so much to tell her.
3.) Dancing or watching? I miss going dancing. Growing up my friends and I would go dancing just about every Thursday. Now that I am slightly older, (and much more weathered) I tend to just watch now.
4.) Favorite movie star? This is a hard one, growing up I had a crush on Brendan Fraser, and I would (and did) watch every movie he was in. I have many favorite actors and actresses for both the small and big screens.
5.) Favorite movie? Another hard one - I ave a blog where I talk about the shows I'm watching and review of movies, Right now, I would say my favorite all-time favorite movie would be Cinderella (Disney Animation, 1950).
6.) What one thing is on your bucket list? I don't have a bucket list, not that I haven't heard about them, I definitely watched the movie, but to think about everything I want to accomplish before I die is a little depressing. Plus, since I almost died once, I don't really like to consider my own mortality more than I already do. But, in the spirit of the award, the one thing I would like to do before I die would be to read the entire Bible (it's something I have said for a while now).
7.) Best night ever? The best nights ever for me have been the nights when my friends and family are gathered around the campground fire, marshing marsh'mellows, and just having a good time.
8.) Tea or Coffee? Depends on what is going down. A cold winter's day, curled up watching the snow, a hot cup of tea is perfect and brings back a lot of memories. Now'a'day's though, it seems that I require coffee to get my blood pumping and going in the morning, pretty desperate actually.
9.) What's your most loved pet? I grew up with pets, it is hard to single out just one. I have a blog about fostering animals too My most memorable companions have been Chester and Sunny, two great dogs that passed. I have had my cat Smokie for nearly 20 years now, he is still as stubborn as ever. My dog Bryan has been through a lot with me though, and I would be too sad if he wasn't with us. The dogs we are fostering are Ripken (a lab mix) and A'ella (beagle, terrier mix). Yeah, I love animals.
10.) Favorite vacation destination? DISNEY!! My favorite vacation of all time was he Disney Cruise. If I had the money, I would do it again in a heart beat. 
11.) Favorite mode of transportation - Trains, Planes, or Automobiles? I don't have a mode of transportation right now. I had to sell our van (times are tough), but if I had to choose I would say automobile. There is just something that makes me happy inside when I am behind the wheel of my own car, driving down a long stretch on a beautiful day, and listening to some familiar tunes.

My Questions For The Brave

11.) What is your favorite color?
10.) If you could change or make one law, what would it be?
9.) Do you believe that individual personality characteristics have more impact from their environment or genetics?
8.) Do you believe that there are other life forms in the universe?
7.) Can you remember your last dream - if so, what was it?
6.) What movie do you remember most impacted your childhood?
5.) What is your fear?
4.) If you were granted one wish (and no wishing for more wishes), what would it be?
3.) What is the last song you listened to?
2.) Who is the one person (living or passed) that you would want to spend eternity with?
1.) When was the last time you smiled?

Without Further Ado - The Nominees

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Review of The Boy With The Raygun Shoots The Moon


The exclusive farewell EP consists of 7 new tracks and is an instrumental delight. From "Outer Space, Texas" The Boy With The Rygun Shoots The Moon (TBWTRSTM)  genre is electronica. Set to release on Independence Day (07/04/13), this extended play album is a mellow composition of imagination and whimsical delight that sets the tone for the grand finale and the farewell compilation of TBWTRSTM. 

The End
  • The End (Cloud 9)
  • Above and Beyond
  • Wind Song
  • Sunrise
  • Sunset
  • Here Today
  • Gone Tomorrow
  • New Horizons


© 2013 Raygun Sounds

Review of We Love The Underground

Mouthful of Graffiti

From the talented genius Brad W. Cox, who's previous solo project produced the gem Skitzo Calypso, his collaboration has created We Love The Underground. Which according to the CD Baby site, the music is compared to Guns n' Roses, The Killers, and David Bowie. The genre is listed as hard and modern rock.

"Fits of Rage" is definitely a single-worthy track" Stevie Nowinsky of Wonky Sensitive said "They've got the "Melodic Pop/Rock" thing down pretty solid. They're catchy and their music is well produced to which is a plus from the A&R perspective."

Rocking from the Land of Mary (Maryland for you laypersons) the sound is a mix of Rammstein (a German band), with more industrial undertones of Nine Inch Nails and the creative ingenuity of The Cult, and The Cure. There are ten tracks, if you buy them separately they are 0.99 and if you buy the album it is priced as $9.99. The album is well worth your time and monetary contributions.
"Hard driving rock n' roll music with a heart of shattered glass!"
Mouth Full of Graffiti
  • Fits of Rage
  • Indiglow
  • The Isolationist so Alone
  • Come Destroyer
  • We Light the Way
  • This Is a Warning
  • Endless War
  • Burnd Paradise
  • Take me
  • Eclipse

Down'lo on Links

We Love The Underground Official Site
Like Them On Facebook - when you do, browse through Brad's Blog in the notes section, well worth the read.
Get The Tunes!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Child of the Sacred Earth by Alicia Michael's

Author Bio

Alicia Michael's has been a lover of mind-bending fiction ever since she first read books such as Chronicles of Narnia or Goosebumps. Wherever imagination takes her, she is more than happy to call that place her home. The mother of two and wife to an Army sergeant, she loves chocolate, coffee, and of course good books. When not writing, Alicia can usually be found with her nose in a book, shopping for shoes and fabulous jewelry, or spending time with her loving family.

Follow Alicia:

About the Book

Get a degree, get a job, save adorable foster siblings from the clutches of the evil foster mom ... These are Jocylene Sanders' top priorities as she enters her sophomore year of college.  The last thing she expects is to find herself the champion of an entire kingdom.  However, that is just what happens when the mysterious Faerie, Rothatin Longspear, appears to her, tasking her with saving a parallel world full of creatures from her wildest dreams.
Jocylene journeys with him into the world of Fallada, hoping for answers about her birth parents and background.  What she finds is a mystifiying past, and an even more uncertain future, as her heart becomes entangled with the stoic, battle-hardened Rothatin, as well as Eli, the untroubled Panther Shifter with no loyalties and no home. With her heart and soul pulled in so many directions, can Jocylene find the strength needed to become the savior one nation so desperately needs?

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Child of the Sacred Earth Gift Card Giveaway

Bloggers Wanted: $50 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

Help Alicia Michaels celebrate the upcoming release of

by hosting a $50 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

June 24

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Chasing Invisible Tour

Could you handle life in the spotlight?

Julia Alexander is a quiet girl from a small town. Content to spend her days with her small group of friends and a pile of books, Julia things her future is set. When she unexpectedly meets Chase, a fellow college student and budding musician, she is unaware of just how drastically things are about to change.
Suddenly thrown into the limelight, her life is no longer her own. Relentlessly followed by the paparazzi, Julia is forced to make tough decisions about fame, love, family, and relationships. But just how much will Julia have to sacrifice to become invisible...

About the Author

Karen Pokras Toz, recently discovered her love for writing. Karen writes middle grade and adult contemporary fiction.  Her middle grade children's novels have won several awards including the Grand Prize in the 2012 Purple Dragonfly Book Awards and First Place for a Global E-Book Award for Pre-Teen Literature.  Karen is a member of t Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators (SCBWI).  A native of Connecticut, Karen now lives outside of Philadelphia with her family. For more information, please visit

Tour Schedule

June 18th In the Land of Dreams - Excerpt
June 19th Tyrneathem - Top Ten List
June 20th Cu's e-book Giveaways - Character Guest Post
June 21st Muddy the Waters - Review & Author Interview
June 22nd Rayborn Rambles - Review
June 23rd The Journey Continues - Review & Author Guest Post
June 24th The Book Connection - Review
Just 25th Pavarti K Tyler - Excerpt
June 26th Library Girl Reads & Reviews - Author Guest Post
June 27th Lubs Book Chatter - Review & Character Guest Post
June 28th Fiona's Book Review Blog - Author Interview
June 29th Kats Read - Author Guest Post
June 30th From the Bootheel Cotton Patch - Book Promo
July 1st fuonlyknew - Excerpt
July 2nd Fresh Pot of Tea - Excerpt
July 3rd Lindsay and Janes Views and Reviews - Review & Character Guest Post
July 4th Girl Who Reads - Tips on Thursday
July 5th The Avid Reader - Book Promo
July 6th Lissette E. Manning - Review & Author Guest Post
July 7th Ohana Day Academy - Review
July 8th Ali's Bookshelf - Review

Twitter Party

June 18th 
@ 8 p.m. EST 
(eastern standard time) 


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Chasing Invisible Tour
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Goodreads Updated

I'm now an author on Goodreads!

Haven't signed up for Goodreads yet? Head on over and get started, especially if you love to read and discuss with other's. There are so many groups and book clubs, it is well worth the time to just pop on over there and check things out. Here is a link that you can like my book, please take the time to click like or add book.  If you have read the book, post a review! This can help other members discover this awesome realm!
      Going off Dreams
Now that you have joined the masses and are a Goodreads member, check out my author's page K.E.Nowinsky on Goodreads!
Once you have done this,  check out the upcoming events, this will inform you on opportunities to meet and greet authors or have on-line discussions. 

June 18th, 2013 Join K.E.Nowinsky for a Q & A Session Join this event on Goodreads

Thanks! I look forward to seeing you there soon! 

Other Author Sites for K.E.Nowinsky

Going off Dreams
reviews: 1
ratings: 2 (avg rating 5.00)

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Coming Soon - Super Moon

A.K.A - perigee full moon

Recently I learned that June 23rd will mark the "Super Moon". Being an over-analyzer I immediately connected that the moon coordinates with certain things in nature, such as high and low tides and the waves in the ocean. So, with the prospect of this super moon, my question is - will this cause any weather or natural occurrences that would, or should be of concern? I'm not the only one with this question either. So, I started my Monday off with investigating the perigee full moonYahoo! Answers was informative, I learned that the super moon's cycle is approximately 18.3 years. But, if you want technical information (they do a great job of explaining everything) I would click this link, super moon. This is where they give you the astrological term of perigee. Very educational, I would recommend this site especially if you want to learn more information. It would be an awesome resource for educational purposes in teachings and such as well. 
In dissecting the question, we had to learn about the super moon in order to discover the history of the super moon, and if there were any natural occurrences or weather related noteworthy news. I started with investigating the history of the last super moon that occurred January, 19th 1992. According to Dates In History:

  • January 19, 1992 "Cerebral Palsy telethon raises 23,500,000"
  • January 19, 1992 Decree time is restored in Russia after its previous abolition in March 1991.
  • January 19, 1992 IBM announces a nearly $5B loss for 1992
  • January 19, 1992 Nature Boy Ric Flair becomes WWF champ at Royal Rumble
  • January 19, 1992 Rowdy Roddy Piper beats Mountie to become WWF Intercontinental Champ 
Nothing of weather related or super moon informative significance was evident within this site. I did read that New York was under a blanket of snow during this time though, but nothing out of the ordinary. The next year, there was a great flood in the Great Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. It could be speculated that due to the super moon in 1992 there was an increase in rain patterns, which contributed to the follow years flooding (according to, under causes). In further reading, the previous great flood happened in 1951 around the Kansas River.
Utilizing the Old Farmer's Almanac, I looked up the concordance of this area the year before; rain. While I could not find any significant information in connection to to the great Kansas River floods, I did learn that in 1950 the US was considering detonating a nuclear device on the moon! U.S. had plans to nuke the moon - by CNN (2012). Back to the semi-present; under Myth #2 in the the article, Stop the Lunacy! 5 Mad Myths About the Moon (, 2012), scientists fail to find any significance in coordination of weather relations to the super moons, other than the 42% more high and low tide force projected by the elliptical cycle that the moon follows.

Super Moon Poem by: Mama Whodun

What of all this moon madness
When it isn't in the sky
do the clouds hide it 
After all it is one sided
Fables say the Moon is made
of old cheese
candle smoke
or a looking glass
Urban legends hint
it is only a hollow orb
completely fake
or asteroid debris
perhaps an abandoned alien base
Have you decided? 
Female or Male energy
Ancient or modern
Magic or Science
The Moon has many stories

post script

Other information that could be of importance, or just too ironic to overlook. When you subtract 2014 (my prediction of flooding that could occur, or maybe when the super moon occurs during a winter month, producing increased snow accumulation) to the past Great Mississippi and Missouri River flood (2014-1993), this equals to 21 years. The previous flood with the Kansas River was in 1951 - if you subtract the year from 1993 it equals 42 years. Looking at the patterns, 42 is half of 21. But, maybe this is just my lunacy talking (bad pun?) 

Friday, June 7, 2013

GWR Sponsored Book Blast

Bloggers Wanted: Zaremba Book Blast - July 10

Bloggers are wanted for a book blast on July 10

Participants will have the choice of 6 excerpts to post on their blog.

Prize: Signed Paperback of Zaremba, or Love and the Rule of Law

In Warsaw, a shy and high-minded polio victim lives a life of seclusion caring for her odd family until a chance encounter plunges her into the intrigues of dirty politics; Zaremba, a wealthy businessman, is about to be arrested on trumped-up charges and only she can save him. Swept along by events, Cordelia finds her feelings increasingly involved with a stranger for whom she is both rescuer and victim. When Zaremba disappears, Cordelia must overcome surveillance, corruption, the media, and mounting humiliations and difficulties to learn the truth. 

Although set in Poland, this is a story that could happen anywhere, as young democracies struggle against the temptations of covert operations and older democracies sometimes lead them astray.

Wait Watch Wonder: Our Favorite Movies Bloghop

I think that this hop could be fun on different levels. It will sort-of be like seven degrees of sepatration. You write about a favorite movies of yours, visit another site in the hop and comment on their choice, then choose an actress or actor from their movie and write about another movie that they are in... easy enough - right? Join the hop! Visit the site here: Wait Watch Wonder: Our Favorite Movies Bloghop: I have this idea for a bloghop. I have a love for movies so what better way to get a bloghop rolling then sharing our favorite movies. Blog...

Thursday, June 6, 2013

In Memory - D Day

The invasion of Normandy occurred 69 years ago today, this marks the World World II "Operation Overlord". Something new I learned today was that the original operation was suppose to commence on June 5th, however due to inclement weather they postponed until the next day.
"The tide has turned! The free men of the world are marching together to victory... We will accept nothing less than full victory!" 
As stated by President Eisenhower (CNN, 2013). 
Largest Seaborne Invasion

We Can Call Ourselves Free, Because of the Brave

Never Ending Editing

Insecure Writer's Support Group

As I am still going through the second book in my series, I find myself constantly procrastinating. Some refer to me as the queen of procrastination, I learned through my psychology classed that I actually do this somewhat unconsciously because I write more effectively or better, when under pressure. I feel like there is a fuse under my chair, you know, so when the wick is finished it will give me the punch in the right direction. What are some tips you might have for staying on course? I think, for me, much like other artistic abilities, I can only 'perform' when I feel inspired. But my book is not selling, it is not giving me the motivation to continue forward. 
Until next time or the next... dream ~ K.E.Nowinsky

Crazy Characters

Aberration Blog Hop:Finding The Most Aberrant Characters

By definition aberrant means the departing of an accepted standard, or the diverging from the normal type (Google search, 2013). Author, Lisa Regan, in celebration of the release of her second novel, Aberration, is hosting the blog hop, which runs through June 6th and 7th. In Aberration, FBI profiler, Kassidy Bishop is on the hunt for a serial killer who is an aberration - a freak - even among serial killers. In lieu of Regan's new novel, the Aberration Bog Hop is to highlight characters that, like the serial killer her main protagonist is searching for, might be labeled as 'different'.

Top 5 Aberrant Characters - Movie Edition

5.) The Dream Team (1989) - Jack McDermott (Peter Boyle) - This lovable Jesus complex character makes crazy look good! The Dream Team on
4.) The Shining (1980) - Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson) - Jack delivered crazy to a whole new level. The Shining on
3.) One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975) - Nurse Ratched (Louise Fletcher) - While Nicholson was also in this movie, Nurse Ratched was crazy in a manipulative way. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest on
2.) Primal Fear (1996) - Aaron (Edward Norton) - Norton delivers an amazingly crazy performance  with Aaron - a boarderline psychotic sociopath. Primal Fear on
1.) Taxi Driver (1976) - Travis Bickle (Robert De Niro) - This movie also has the legendary Peter Boyle in the cast, however Robert De Niro is "The [crazy] clock spring [that] cannot be wound continually tighter. As the earth moves toward the sun, Travis Bickle moves toward violence." (Written by Paul Shrader and appears on the opening page of the "Taxi Driver" screenplay)  Taxi Driver on

As a writer, almost like a 'bonus' character I would like to introduce you to Xylo. Xylo is an aberrant character within my first book, Going off Dreams (K.E.Nowinsky). She was not always different, but because of her choices in life, she has been transformed into a woodland dryad that is cursed with her indiscretions. To read more about the Woodland Dryad General, Xylo - read Going off Dreams.