Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Blog Challenge A to Z: B

April Blog Challenge: 
Day 2: B for Blog
April 2, 2013
"I think therefore I blog"

When I published my book “Going off Dreams” on Amazon this past February, I learned that in order to get more recognition was to start a blog. First I created my series its own website goingoffdreams.com and then my first blog goingoffdreams.blogspot.com. When I started to write about other things besides my book, I branched out. For my love of movies and TV there is Wait Watch Wonder waitwatchwonder.blogspot.com. I have experienced a lot in my life, so when I get the notion I write personal testimonies in my blog titled Faith Warrior at testimonyinlife.blogspot.com. And, naturally – for my blog challenges I have dedicated the blog What Shall We Blog about Today? (kenowinsky.blogspot.com)
My writing was cultivated during the time that I earned my Associates Degree in Psychology, through the University of Phoenix. Grammar and I have never really seen eye-to-eye – you know, it’s never come over on Saturday to share a sundae (Sunday). Seriously though, some of my instructors really taught me some great skills that I’ve utilized in my writing today. For instance, I use to write towards all the time. I had instructors tell me that it should never have the s on the end. Now, when I see read others writing, it is something that I pick up on.
Blogging came to me pretty naturally. I have been keeping journals for a majority of my life. Most of them are devotionals, where I have studied sections of the Bible. I wrote down the passage, the message, and how it pertains to my life. Similarly, when I was in therapy they too suggested journaling. They gave me material to read over, so I would take a section at a time, read it carefully, and then write about it in my journal. This helped me to coordinate any questions I have for my next appointments. Blogging is like free therapy!
It took me awhile to learn formatting and layouts, what worked and what doesn't  I think I am still learning. I’m still trying to get followers and readers to comment – any suggestions? I have actually lost sleep from working on my blogs. It’s a good thing though, because it is something that I enjoy doing. I just hope other readers enjoy it as well.

Until next time or the next… dream