Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A to Z Challenge: O

April A to Z Challenge
Day 15: O

"Stubbornness is usually considered a negative, but I think that trait has been a positive for me." Calvin Edwin "Cal" Ripken, Jr.

Welcome to Bird Land! The Oriole's in Baltimore have the best fan base, there is nothing like a Maryland fan. We are devoted and loyal, we'll scream until we have no voice, and we support our teams in every season. We have crazy weather here! The Oriole's have been doing well so far this season, it seems like every game we have home runs and there have been a few grande slams too. It's very exciting especially since last season (if I remember correctly) we were in the playoffs. When I was younger I use to go to the games and follow every game. This was when Brady and Ripken were still in. Once we lost some of our best players, I was a little discouraged. And then life was a distraction, getting married and having a child. A true Marylander bleeds orange (for the Orioles) as well as purple (for the Ravens). Until next time or the next... dream ~ K.E.Nowinsky