Monday, April 1, 2013

April Blog Challenge A to Z: A

April Blog Challenge: 
Day 1: A for April
April 1, 2013
"April showers bring May flowers"

The month of April has always been a busy one. It is when my parent's were married, so we have their anniversary. My dad and I share this month as our birthday months too. His is only two days prior to mine. Easter is usually in April, which I never have appreciated gifts with generic Easter theme's like bunnies or April showers. April 1st is April Fool's Day; this year as well as my one year anniversary with my boyfriend Justin. My boyfriend's mother's birthday is in April too.
My mom always tells this story how she went into labor with me on my dad's birthday (1977). She was in labor so long that they were joking that I didn't want to come out. And I wouldn't until two days later. Nowadays my family gathers to celebrate our birthday's together. It is the only time of year that we get a cherry-walnut cake, which is my dad's favorite cake. My favorite is ice cream cake, I love the oreo crunchies. One year my sister gave me my own personal birthday cake that was basically just the crunchies and a little bit of chocolate ice cream. It was delicious.

April Fool's Day is a day that people play pranks on one another, and then when the jig is up, yell "April Fool's!"
It is usually the start of prank wars too. Where repetitive pranks are the result of competitiveness in crowning an individual superior prankster.  Just remember, if you are the victim of an April Fool's prank, don't be discouraged. Remember to laugh (even at yourself) because laughter keeps us healthy and happy.
What was your greatest April Fool's prank?
When I was growing up, my mom played the best prank. April Fool's fell on a weekend and she woke me up and we went through the morning routine as usual. It was a great prank and I didn't complain, just thought it was another school day. It wasn't until my cousin asked me why I was standing at the bus stop that I realized the prank. I was a little just a little naive.

Anniversaries are special moments that a couple celebrates their relationship. This year will mark one year for my boyfriend and I. We actually knew of each other when we were younger growing up. I continued through High School and he went to a Vocational High School. We reconnected through Facebook, started to just chit-chat, and eventually we decided to get together. I remember first seeing him when I opened my front door. I usually didn't get nervous about first dates, but when I saw him I suddenly felt really nervous. He was so handsome and tall (I'm vertically challenged) there was definite attraction. On our first date, we went to see The Raven (2012) and when he held my hand there was intense electrical sensations that were racing around in my body.

This has been my A installment for the April A to Z blogging challenge. Last month I completed the March Blogging Challenge and I look forward to completing this one as well. I will have a few quest bloggers this month as well and some giveaways since it is my birthday month. So, stay tuned and check back often!
Until next time or the next... dream