Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A to Z Challenge: T

April A to Z Challenge
Day 20: T
Have you ever wondered where the names for the days of the week originated? Since it is Tuesday and for the letter T, I thought it too coincidental and decided to look up Tuesday. "The name Tuesday comes from the old English Tiwesdæg (pronounced Tee-wes-dag or Tee-wes-dye), meaning "Tyr's day." Tyr (in Old English, Tiw, Tew or Tiu) was a god of combat and heroic glory in Germanic paganism. The name of the day is based on Latin Dies Martis, "Day of Mars" (the Roman war god); compare French Mardi and Spanish Mertes." (Wikipedia) Apparently Tyr was also a god of law and heroic glory. He is pictured as one handed and leader of the pantheon. He has been pictured holding a
scepter (authority) and a big wolf biting off his other hand (one-handed). The wolf was Fenrir and through the deception of the gods to entrap him, in retaliation bit off Tyr's hand.  He was another son of Odin, but was taunted by Loki and eventually lost favor to which Oden and Thor took over.

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