Thursday, April 4, 2013

A to Z Challenge: E

A to Z Blog Challenge
Day 5: E
April 6, 2013
"Every shelter dog needs love"

E for Elsy

Recently, I have had a conviction to help shelter dogs. Could be that I have been watching a little too much of The Dog Whisperer and Leader of the Pack with Cesear Millan. I did not realize the magnitude of shelters and rescues had adoptable dogs and cats. Yet, half the time they are euthanize to make room for newer puppies entering the facility. I think that people tend to overlook shelters because it may be too sad for them or have concerns about adopting. 
Another problem it seems among the canine breeds is discrimination. As human beings we have to categorize everything, hence the categorization of different breaks. Personally, I think that every dog is unique, just like anyone else. You have to find the right animal for you and your lifestyle, go to a shelter and meet different animals and see what happens. 
Speaking from experience, I adopted my dog from Rainbow Tails Rescue (on and while housebreaking him was difficult, he is my best friend. But, I'm not here to talk about my perfect pooch. Since today is the fifth day of the A to Z Challenge, I wanted to take this opportunity to share Elsy and her story.

Elsy is estimated to be around 7-8 years old. Looking into her beautiful eyes you can tell that she has been through a lot and looking for someone to show her unconditional love and security. She is a medium sized female Terrier/Pit Bull/Mix, butterscotch in color, and gorgeous hazel eyes.
She currently is in Kentucky at the Bowling-Green Warren County Shelter. They transport dogs to different states for adoption because of the high volume of animals in shelters. If these dogs do not find homes, they have no choice but to euthanize them. Visit the link below Elsy's picture to read more about her. She just wants to rest and relax, they state that she just sleeps the days away and is quite the couch potato. 
My experience is, rescue dogs make the best pets. I have lived with pure breed dogs, while they were nice pets, there is just something about a rescued dog. So, if you have compassion, empathy, and can invite a shelter dog into your family (even if you are single, adopting an animal is creating a family) definitely look within your local shelters, rescues, and humane societies. I'm looking forward to fostering animals and seeing them placed in great homes. i am working with Rainbow Tails Rescue (they are also on fostering. So, if you are interested contact us, or the shelter to confirm availability and then transport can be discussed. Thank you for thinking adoption, if you do adopt please let me know ~ I would love to post about the adoption and updates. 
Until next time or the next... dream ~ K.E.Nowinsky

 This is my cousin's rescue:

This is the rescue in Kentucky: