Saturday, April 13, 2013

A to Z Challenge: L

April A to Z Challenge
Day 12: L

"I have loved you since the moment I clapped eyes on you" Laurie Little Women (1994)

This is a movie that I can watch all the time and when I see that it is on, I will definitely watch it. I think that it is also a great movie or book, for young women to read as well. It helps to put some perspective in the complexity of life and loss. If you have never seen this version of the movie, it stars Winona Ryder as Jo March, an aspiring writer. This was the movie that sparked the Hollywood buzz for Ryder. The movie has an all-star cast including Susan Sarandon and many more Little Women on Every time I watch it, I secretly root for Jo and Laurie to end up together. I understand though that Jo only viewed their neighbor, Laurie (played by future Batman star Christian Bale), as a friend or a brother to her and her sisters. Jo loved him but wasn't in love with him. Enter the Professor that she meets while she is in New York and she finally gets to experience the love that makes your heart race, your heart stop beating, and funny feelings in your stomach. Until nest time or the next... dream ~ K.E.Nowinsky