Saturday, April 19, 2014


Intergalactic Gigolos Gear Up For the Re-release of


Scheduled For Release on
Record Store Day April 19th, 2014

It's now been eight years since our favorite space cadets, THE BOY WITH THE RAYGUN SHOOTS THE MOON! found themselves locked inside a small bedroom closet in Austin, Texas recording what would later become their debut single, 123 LET'S RIDE! Still retaining their sick and twisted sense of humor, these intergalactic gigolos are gearing up, yet again, with phasers set to stun-the-galaxy by re-releasing this highly anticipated single, dedicated to their lifelong friend Ryan "Bandaid" Ramsey and is scheduled for release on Record Store Day April 19th, 2014.

All songs have been digitally remastered in 5.1 surround sound via RAYGUN SOUNDS. In addition, the single will also include an edit of local punk rock group (and High School pals) Rational Jackass' track, "Orange Alien" as well as previously unreleased B-side "Marvin".

The single is dedicated to their lifelong devoted friend Ryan “Bandaid” Ramsey. All songs have been digitally re-mastered in 5.1 surround sound via RAYGUN SOUNDS. In addition, it will also include an edit of local punk rock group Rational Jackass’ track, “Orange Alien” as B-Side.  A-Side: 123 LET’S RIDE! B-SIDE: ORANGE ALIEN (TBWTRSTM Edit] *originally written and recorded by RATIONAL JACKASS.

TBWTRSTM roots date back to their early childhood, while they were still in elementary school, Stevie and Terrell started their first band, SUPERSTITIOUS. They penned only one song called, "V.I.G." (Very Important Girl). Rumor has it, Stevie's older sister Cathie, has possession of the original lyrics sheet.

After graduating high school in 2000, Stevie (bass) and Terrell (vocals) started the Skate/Punk band ANYONE BUT THEM. Though it was short lived as a difference of opinions between them, and their band mates; what was punk and what was not, sought to end the band. During this time, the boys wrote the punk rock anthem, "Crushing You", a politically charged, three-chord punk rock song that took aim at the punk rock scene at the time.

A year later Terrell started a new punk band called RATIONAL JACKASS, with fellow high school friend, Gregg Sankey, and Kenney Howitt. While Stevie, under the alias Paul Ickes, founded the underground music collective ARM THE PIT, which still exists today. However, Stevie's older brother, John, now runs.

A few years later Stevie calls Terrell to see if he would be willing to lay-down some vocal tracs for a new sci-fi project called THE BOY WITH THE RAYGUN SHOOTS THE MOON! The first song they recorded as a duo was "123 LET'S RIDE", written and recorded in under an hour.

Although TBWTRSTM is rooted in Science Fiction, neither Terrell nor Stevie have much interest in SciFi movies. "Sure we like Star Wars, but who doesn't?" Stevie Nowinsky. He continues to suggest that Terrell would be more interested in the latest stoner films. "Frank Capra, will and forever be, the greatest film director ever... with Steven Spieldberg and John Hughes coming in second and third." Stevie Nowinsky.


In 2008, TBWTRSTM release their debut album, BEYOND THUNDERDOME. The following year Terrell records his first solo album, GLITCHES, HISSES & BITCHES under the moniker PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRZ. Stevie produced and recorded it in 2 nights inside his "MAGIC BUS" and later released it under ARM THE PIT'S subsidiary label, TONE-ARM RECORDS.

Another one of Stevie's best friends, Ryan Ramsey, in 2010, takes Terrell's place as TBWTRSTM's lead vocalist and they record BEYOND THUNDERDOME's follow-up album. ALION ENCOUNTERS, which also includes the track "NEW HORIZONS", which features vocals by Stevie's former ex-turned-great friend Sara Gray.

Two years later, Stevie flies solo on TBWTRSTM's third album, NERDY BY NATURE. A potentially great labum but without having a vocalist on hand, the album soon lost its luster. The following year TBWTRSTM goes on indefinite hiatus... until now...

"THE BOY WITH THE RAYGUN SHOOTS THE MOON started out merely [as] a side project. We made simple laptop music, none of which was any good but we have a lot of fun making it." TBWTRSTM

Q & A:

"We describe our music as "Zooka Pop!" Named after teh Buck Roger's ray gun, which was identical to the 1930's model except for its bright, multicolored lithographed finish. Like the Rocket Pistol, this gun was armed by cocking the handle." Stevie Nowinsky

If you could reference current genres of music - to give people a reference - what two genres would best describe Zooka Pop? K.E.N.

"Good question, electronic and funk. The single is full of different influential material." Stevie Nowinsky

I noticed that you have dedicated this re-release to your friend Ryan. Who is he to you? K.E.N.

"He's been a supporter from the start. Ever since Terrell and I started making music, wheter it was for TBWTRSTM or any other band, we've ever been in together, Ryan's been part of it. Although, not always as a performing member. For instance, when Terrell and I were in that skate/punk band, ANYONE BUT THEM, Ryan would drive an hour out of his way, just to pick us up some new guitar strings or a bass drum head. He would even bring fast food over during band practices just to make sure we were eating. He's the ultimate band aide." Stevie Nowinsky