Sunday, July 21, 2013

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About the Author

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Nocomus Columbus lives in Saint Louis "I'll probably die in Saint Louis" the author states on his Amazon author page. He reveres Roberto Bolano as "the shit" and while he is writing short stories about whatever he feels like currently, he states that "someday [he'll] be able to write a novel."
"I'm trying to sell books so I can buy a new grill." (Nocomus Columbus)

About the Book

"A friend of mine read this book and called it a cry for help. He called it disturbing. Filth. Really the book is about how different people deal with grief differently. Pain can cause some to go crazy. It causes other to write. Some will medicate. A few will murder. 7,000 words is all you'll find... but maybe you'll find more than that. Who knows?"

Fates intertwine by an unsettling shared even from the past; a troubled solder, a vengeful dreamer, an outcast, and a writer. Each person deals with the pain in their own way; sex, drugs, art, and death. Follow them on their self-discovery and loss.


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