Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Upcoming Review Sneak Peak: The Sand Bluff Murders by C. M. Albrecht

About the Author

"People say I've got attitude. Attitude they don't like. I get that a lot. The cops and me? We work toward the same end, but we're like water and electricity. They think I cramp their style. They hat that I don't have to play by their rules."
"I usually end up needing a lawyer. I had one. He fell off the back of an ambulance full of mesothelioma patients and got run over by a speeding Cooper. I'm alone and on my own. It's a mean life. I'm used to it."

This is part of the charm that C. M. Albrecht embodies, a clever wit that is actually mild-mannered who loves his mysteries and detectives. He not only writes mysteries, he's a private eye in real life. "When my casebook's empty - and it's empty a lot - I write books."
He sits at his desk and drinks coffee and daydreams. 
He lives in Sacramento, CA where he proclaims to "wear a dark fedora and trench coat even when it's a hundred and five" outside." Mr. Albrecht is happily married to his beautiful wife Irma since 1967. While his head may be in the clouds, she helps keep his feet firmly on ground. (http://www.cmalbrecht.com/)

About the Book

When Jonas McCleary gets the opportunity to join the force in sleepy Sand Bluff, he jumps at it. A cushy job in a little town where nothing ever happens. He can relax and enjoy life, and since Jonas is getting onto thirty, he's hoping with a little luck, to meet Miss Right.
But on his third day in Sand Bluff, another officer, Ackers, finds a body in an alley. Now the only bright things about Harold Ackers is his badge. Ackers thought the guy was drunk and only after he managed to get him to headquarters did someone inform Ackers that his drunk was dead. Albert Mohr, cocky and mouthy, isn't much better, and probably not much brighter, so Chief Raymond Castillo is depending on Jonas, his only real cop with any previous training, to solve this mystery and bring a killer to justice.
Jonas just wishes he had the confidence his chief places in him. But he's going to give it his best shot. As he goes around town talking to people, he meets some strange residents, especially little person, Lester/Jessica, trailer court operator and dog trainer. Lester/Jessica is also a transvestite with a mammoth bodybuilder boyfriend, and of course, there's Larry Peters, the town insurance agent and his wife, town hussy, Twyla. Twyla's got quite a reputation. Jonas also meets Roxie Jenkins whose father runs the local newspaper. Could she just be Miss Right? 


The Sand Bluff Murders Blog: http://cmalbrecht.wordpress.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/cmalbrecht @cmalbrecht

Acclaim for "The Sand Bluff Murders"

"An old-fashioned page turner." (I. Reitmann, Cleveland Courier)

"I highly recommend this book... The Sand Bluff Murders - with its witty narration, charming protagonist and solid mystery plot - is definitely worth the read." (Cafe' Reads, www.cafereads.blogspot.com)

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