Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Review of We Love The Underground

Mouthful of Graffiti

From the talented genius Brad W. Cox, who's previous solo project produced the gem Skitzo Calypso, his collaboration has created We Love The Underground. Which according to the CD Baby site, the music is compared to Guns n' Roses, The Killers, and David Bowie. The genre is listed as hard and modern rock.

"Fits of Rage" is definitely a single-worthy track" Stevie Nowinsky of Wonky Sensitive said "They've got the "Melodic Pop/Rock" thing down pretty solid. They're catchy and their music is well produced to which is a plus from the A&R perspective."

Rocking from the Land of Mary (Maryland for you laypersons) the sound is a mix of Rammstein (a German band), with more industrial undertones of Nine Inch Nails and the creative ingenuity of The Cult, and The Cure. There are ten tracks, if you buy them separately they are 0.99 and if you buy the album it is priced as $9.99. The album is well worth your time and monetary contributions.
"Hard driving rock n' roll music with a heart of shattered glass!"
Mouth Full of Graffiti
  • Fits of Rage
  • Indiglow
  • The Isolationist so Alone
  • Come Destroyer
  • We Light the Way
  • This Is a Warning
  • Endless War
  • Burnd Paradise
  • Take me
  • Eclipse

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