Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Goodreads Updated

I'm now an author on Goodreads!

Haven't signed up for Goodreads yet? Head on over and get started, especially if you love to read and discuss with other's. There are so many groups and book clubs, it is well worth the time to just pop on over there and check things out. Here is a link that you can like my book, please take the time to click like or add book.  If you have read the book, post a review! This can help other members discover this awesome realm!
      Going off Dreams
Now that you have joined the masses and are a Goodreads member, check out my author's page K.E.Nowinsky on Goodreads!
Once you have done this,  check out the upcoming events, this will inform you on opportunities to meet and greet authors or have on-line discussions. 

June 18th, 2013 Join K.E.Nowinsky for a Q & A Session Join this event on Goodreads

Thanks! I look forward to seeing you there soon! 

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Going off Dreams
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