Wednesday, May 1, 2013

IWSG Finding Motivation

If you had the chance to rewind your life to where you made a certain decision, would you change anything? For myself, hearing that the story was good but my grammar skills and the cover of my first book needed help. This was great constructive criticism, but this situation is like a mother bear protecting her cubs. And this is one of my thought processes: You could hear a thousand compliments, but it is the one negative comment that can upset you. So far I have had positive views from individuals that have read or is currently reading. When I don't hear feedback, I get depressed, it's hard to muster up the motivation to continue editing the next three books, and my confidence goes out the window. Today, I have managed to start tweaking the second book For All in the Hope, and if you haven't read the first one Going off Dreams. Worries kept me up last night. you might want to call or text your friends to let them know you will be without a phone for a could of days. Praise God, everyone has made it across the finish line.
Do you have any advice with my struggle to find motivation to write?
Until next time or the next... dream (K.E.Nowinsky)