Friday, May 31, 2013

Kindness Exposed

Random Acts of Kindness

I never wanted anyone to know about this - but, here it goes. While I was working at an elementary school, I anonymously sent flowers to the departments that I was working in for teacher appreciation week. I remember doing a devotion once that was basically about random acts of kindness and how we shouldn't seek the glory of the act. I never wanted recognition for what I did. I wanted the hard working, awesome people that I worked with to know just how appreciative parent's (should) be. It amazes me how more parents (that are able to do so - monetarily) do not do more for their children's teachers and educational staff. I am not saying all parent's lack the kind spirit, but it has been my experience that the majority of parents (at least in my field) do not take the time to show their appreciation. It is a very difficult position - and I stand firm to my belief that the educational (special education) field is only for hero's! People that dedicate their lives to help other's and mold future generations. So please, even though it may not be 'teacher appreciation' time of year, make sure you thank someone in the educational field - they definitely deserve to be praised.