Thursday, May 23, 2013

Our Favorite Movie Hop

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (1954)

I remember watching this movie as a kid and falling in love with the characters, the scenery, and the music. Each time I would watch the movie, the more I was investing in the characters, and soon would be included within my realm deemed 'favorite' movies. I started out by renting, then was given the VHS as a gift, and now the DVD. I believe that past few holiday's channels such as TCM have shown the movie, I know a few years ago when it had been on, my son really responded well to the music (he is handicapped but loves to listen to music). 
The movie starts by following the eldest of seven brothers, Adam (Howard Keel), in his hunt for a wife. His rough demeanor is evident from living in the mountains only with the company of his younger brothers. Soon, while hunting through the town for prospects, he comes across friendly and feisty Milly (Jane Powell). Unbeknownst to her, she is being led blindly out to pasture. Her agreement to marry him - on the spot - was the prospect of having just one man to love and care for. 
When Milly arrives to her new home, she is greeted by challenge after challenge. First, meeting her new brother-in-law's, all six of them. Surveying the scene, you get a quick understanding of seven bachelors with no domestic discipline.  Milly accepts the challenge and rolls up her sleeves to dive into her new circumstances.
Adam, indifferently, goes about his routines. Only when Milly confronts him about his rues does he submit to his wrong doings and they reconcile. Milly starts to sand the rough edges with her new brothers, while Adam's testosterone filled misogynistic influence soon creates chaos for the Pontipee household as well for the families affected within the town. How does it all turn out? Watch it and let me know what you think.
Until next time or the next... dream ~ K.E.Nowinsky