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Book Title: Layers of the Past (Age recommended 18 +)
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Paperback: 310 pages
Publisher: Al Tonya Washington (July 3, 2014)
ISBN-10: 0991181409
ISBN-13: 978-0991181407

About The Author

AlTonya Washington has been a published romance novelist for 10 years. In 2013, her Harlequin Kimani novel "His Texas Touch" won the Romantic Times Magazine Reviewer's Choice Award for Best Series Romance of 2012. In addition to being an author, AlTonya also works as a college Reference Librarian. Writing as T. Onyx, AlTonya released her latest erotica "Ravenous: Ruler of Perfection II" in 2013.
Her newest title with Harlequin Kimani is "Provocative Passion" nominated for an AMB Ovation Award for Outstanding Interracial Romance and the sequel to the January 2013 release "Provocative Territory". In November she will release "A Lover's Debt", the 17th title in the Ramsey Tesano saga.

About The Book

Huron Base has a name synonymous with power and intimidation. He’s made no apologies for doing what’s been necessary to survive a life rooted in poverty and pain. Endeavors drenched in blood and marked with bone have become his trademark in spite of his desire to be more-to be better. When he meets troubleshooter, Kamari Grade that desire receives the spark it’s been waiting on. It’s the spark that motivates Huron to once again strive to rise above his circumstances and at last become the better man he wants to be.
Change however, has its consequences...and its dangers. Many of Huron’s associates aren’t so supportive of his new found...desires. They are especially wary of his new found love. Kamari is a recognizable force in her field-one that keeps her too enmeshed in the circles of law enforcement that Huron’s associates strive to avoid. Huron knows that Kam doesn’t care who he was, only who he is- the man she loves. Still, he won’t allow that to blind him to what has to be done-the steps that must be taken to keep the woman he loves from becoming a casualty in a war between new enemies.

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Author Interview

Do you consider yourself a logophile? If so, have you always been? 
I would say that I have always been, but didn’t come into my true passion for words until I started writing. It was then that I fell in love with the true musicality of words- their flow and the art behind presenting them/pairing them in such a way that they complement one another.

What is your favorite color? 

Where were you born? Where did you grow up? 
Born and Raised in Florence, South Carolina

What is your favorite sports team? 
I tend to follow players before the entire team. Right now, it’s the Carolina Panthers- of course they are my home team, but Cam Newton is such a cutie!

Who is your favorite author? 
Stephen King

What is your favorite book? 
The Color Purple

What do you do when you are not writing? 
Write. Just kidding, you can usually find me reading or watching a movie.

Do you have a day job as well? 
I’m a librarian!

Do you have any advice for aspiring authors? 
Read, Read, Read and then read outside your comfort zone.

Is being a writer a curse or a gift? 
I have and pray I always see this as a gift. I am so blessed that God has seen fit to send this ability to me.

Where do you write? 

Do you prefer silence or some noise while you write? 
It doesn’t matter. I’m very good at tuning people out.

What do you typically drink while writing? 
Something hot- usually tea, coffee will do.

What challenges have you had in regards to your writing life? 
Folks not believing in you- thinking that you’re wasting your time-or not liking how much time it takes away from them. Thankfully I have never had to deal with this from my parents, my sister, or my best guy-my son J

What does your protagonist think of you? Would he/she want to hang out with you? 
I think they’d want to hang out with me, make sure I keep them looking so incredible and behaving so brilliantly! I think they would cringe a lot and think I’m too much of a hardshell at times, given all that I take them through. But they adore the way I write a love scene, so I’m forgiven.

How do you market your book? What avenues work best? 
I’m not a social media addict-being a mom doesn’t afford me enough time for that, but I would say connecting with my readers whether I have a book or not via social media has been a great tool. My readers are great and always curious about what I’m working on or when something new is on the horizon. So the word is constantly out there and spreading through them. My blog and podcasts are also very successful. I’d say digital media has been my best marketing avenue.

What has been the toughest criticism so far? 
That my books have too many characters J Sorry…I love characters ;-)

What has been the best compliment? 
That my books have characters you never want to forget and that they are almost too real.

Is anything in your book based on real life experiences or purely all imagination? 
It is purely imagination, though there are certain aspects of some characters that may have been inspired by real people.

How did you come up with the title? 
Layers of the Past is the sequel to my novella Layers- so I wanted to keep that word play going. The storyline focuses on the heroe’s (and heroine’s) pasts and what happens when those parts of their lives return to haunt them.

Will there be a sequel? 
Yes, book three will be ready next year.

What project are you working on now? 
The 18th title in my Ramsey/Tesano series “A Lover’s Control”.

What question did I leave out that you’d like to answer? 
“What’s the question I get most about my books?” Where do I come up with the names of my heroes. J

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