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A murderous cult threatens the enlightenment of tomorrow, as 12 strangers, plucked from various parts of the world, are awakened and brought together by a divine calling. The chosen ones, selected for The Program, are sent on a mission to expand human consciousness, by finding the true meaning of love. This quixotic narrative is turned on its head when the lines of divinity and anarchy are blurred, intertwining reality with fiction. It's up to the reader to decide where the truth lies. The Program is due to reset, but not before their story is told.


Children of the Program introduces us to twelve people who have been selected to participate in "The Program", which is attempting, through an evolutionary process, to save humanity. But, what happens when one of those members doesn't want to play nice? If you are a logophile, or someone who loves words, then you'll love the authors writing! I'll admit, there were a few words I didn't know or haven't heard before and used my dictionary app to look up. The author's charm exudes throughout, there's a sentence at the end that fits perfectly with his writing:

"I'm a writer, with a quirky outlook on life and a playful working knowledge of the English language -- that's it."

What I really like about this read were the different characters and their perspectives. Although at times you can tell that it was still a singular voice in some cases, instead of the different characters, but never distracts from the overall story. There is a great ebb and flow from one character to the next that keeps you interested and wanting to know more. A lot of readers complain about dream sequences or too many shifts in the story, while both are included, I thoroughly enjoyed this process. It keeps you on your toes! Another aspect I loved was that toward the end, you believe the main protagonist that has been the singular voice is the actual person that has written the book, which ties it all up nicely. Children of the Program really drew me in and I wanted more.


I've never read occult books before, so I really appreciated the process of one of the characters that develops into a much darker role. We see him, after a certain event, he spirals and makes certain choices that are quite shocking. It's another aspect of the story that I really enjoyed reading. But, I have to say that parts of the book were unsettling to me. Which is okay too, right? It adds to the overall emotional journey. I don't want to give anything away, so I won't divulge what tore my heart out, but when you read it you'll understand.

Some reads are what I call "mindless"; you can read through them with ease and can finish them rather quickly. However, I would categorize this as an intelligent dystopian, that you want to take your time with; just like with a mouth watering dessert, you want to savor each bite. It's carefully constructed and at times reads like a strategic poem to capture your very soul. Which is understandable since the author is also a lyricist.

Overall, this is a must read. I would highly recommend this book and I look forward to future compositions from the author. Which, I am happy to share he has started the beginning process of the sequel, so make sure to follow the links below to keep updated and informed on any future prospects.


In a Nutshell: My rock n' roll dream started when I was about 16-years-young. After releasing 13 full length albums, under various monikers and aliases, I wanted to expand my creative horizons and solder some of my manic metal musical musing with a fictional book. Years of scribing out lyrics, like a lawn gnome on a mushroom, made me quite versed in the art of word play and how to communicate through writing -- yes, my tongue was firmly planted in my cheek.
For those of you who don't know me, I can assure you, I won't allow myself to be taken too seriously. I love sea lions, rock n' roll, fall weather and suds with my friends -- oh, and a good story!
I attended Towson University and emerged with a Bachelor of Arts in journalism. Again, writing. So, to this day, I continue to tell the tale of a conflicted and often tortured spirit, bound by the conventions of a hypnotized society, longing to fly, but often settling for McDonald's french fries and a hot fudge sundae and content to forget it all.
Children of the Program is my wings. I hope to someday find the courage to leave some of my hang-ups in a very dark place, maybe even a closet [sorry] - never to be opened again.
For now, this is my Ark.
Brad W. Cox


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