Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Blogger's Side

Have you ever asked a blogger for a review or help and you received a reply about how busy they are or how back-logged they have become? Well, maybe this means I can finally consider myself a blogger because I feel that I am just that, back-logged! I just released my second book, I have two WIP's (Works In Progress) that I'm still writing in and that I want to release in the coming 2015 year. As well, I've been working on a couple different challenges and blog hops that keep my calendar pretty busy - that's just my basic writing life! Then in reality there more going on as well... so, try to have some patience and sympathy when people say that they are busy, because it just might be true. How have you handled scheduling life when it might get a little more crazy (especially this time of year)?

Also, how do you handle when someone contacts you wanting help? This has happened a few times now and I feel like they want me to do the work for them. It irritates me but, I don't want to let them down (I'd rather help them to achieve their goal) however, I'm not going to write it for them! First, I'm a little worried that whatever they've sent me might contain a virus or something. Second, I want to help people as much as I've been helped (if not more), so I don't want to blow them off but I really am busy. Plus, if I do take the time to read through your work and I'm giving you suggestions and you expect me to make them for you; that's an editor's job and they get paid to do that work. Am I being too nice, too mean, or am I wrong all together?