Thursday, December 25, 2014


I had heard that the Fifty Shades series was either one that you loved or you hated. My sister had been given the series and she said that she couldn't finish the first book and handed them over to me. My curiosity got the better of me as I picked up the first book Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James. I have to admit, I shared in the sentiment, I hated it at first. I'll go into more detail about the issues I had reading this and how I surpassed them to enjoy the story. However, once I forced myself to continue I was invested.

Fifty Shades of Grey introduces us to Anastasia Steele, a college student getting ready to graduate and head out into the world. Her room mate and best friend Kate is outgoing where Anastasia, although she prefers Ana, is more reserved. Kate is suppose to interview the business mogul Christian Grey for their school paper. Ana isn't part of the paper but since her best friend Kate is sick and can't go to the interview, Kate sends Ana. Kate's major is journalism (I believe) where Ana's major is English Lit; she's not even minutely prepared to interview Mr. Grey. But, her friend feeds her to the wolves only equipping her with a tape recorder and a written list of questions for Mr. Grey.

The first book dives into the blooming relationship between Miss Steele and Mr. Grey. He's smitten with her and has a dark past, she has to come to terms with his demons and decide whether she can take on his needs. Honestly, what I had the hardest time with was the unbelievable aspects of this story. Then again, I probably shouldn't have read this still jaded or whatever you want to call my skepticism. I could be wrong, but it's been my experience that (at least most of the women I know) work hard (damn hard) for what they do have and have only ever been hurt by the men they trust their hearts to. Men don't give a shit about how you are feeling, what you are thinking, let alone provide such tantalizing sexual satisfaction. These books definitely explores the fantasy of the exceptions.

Once you can get your head wrapped around the fact that this is a fictional story and take it for just that - a story - I think you can enjoy the relationship the builds between Anastasia, Christian and everyone else in the book. Although, if you don't like reading about sex then this isn't the series for you either! It's all sex, sex, eating, sex, eating, more sex, work, sex, more sex, work again and rinse and repeat. There is a story in there too and I have to admit my favorite part of the entire trilogy was the e-mails and flirting between Ana and Christian, it's what kept me wanting to read and wanting to know where their story goes. So, by the end of the first book Christian pushes too much and Ana leaves, which shatters both of their worlds

Fifty Shades Darker picks right up where the first book left off after Ana leaves Christian and their attempt to rekindle what they have. Who wouldn't want a relationship with that sort of connection! Although, you would think with as much 'action' as Ana gets she would be sitting on some ice-packs and having more difficult walking and sitting period! There are times that she's a very lucky girl! And then other times you wince and want to runaway for her. Although, by the time they both get back together for good, Ana tells Christian that she'll never leave him again. And I was actually shocked when Christian proposes to Ana! I did love their relationship but sometimes I just felt like sometimes when reading (up to this point the first two books) there were scenes from movies and further fantasized about, there were certain terms that were overused and would get under my skin, and I hated how Ana's best friends full name was over used. **rolls eyes**

Up to this point Ana has been the best thing for Christian and he's really opening up to her and they are sharing so many firsts together. That was another thing that was hard to believe, a 21 year old beautiful woman who's still a virgin? It's like the perfect storm: You have Ana who is a virgin and then Christian who is into all of his kinky fuckery. When they clash and mold into each other, they create quite a delicious "Vanilla" confection. Plus, Christian and Ana have plenty of obstacles that they are continuing to hurtle and work through. One being Mr. Grey's ex-subs and even Christian's Dom, Mrs. Robinson who keeps threatening their relationship. What plucks at Ana's heart and mine while reading was Christians self-loathing, he thinks he's this dark demon when really he has so much love and compassion.

Fifty Shades Freed brings us back into the realm of Christian and Ana after their wedding while they are on their glob-trotting honeymoon. When you've fought for everything you have and still remain poor and have everything taken from you as well, the fantasy of having someone give you the world is a great one to pluck away at your chest and takes you deeper in to the world of the Grey's. Meanwhile, there are new threats to their family and more chaos ensues. When I was talking to my sister about the books, I described them to her as a grown-up Twilight. It takes that intense relationship to even more levels, with much-much more sex, and without any paranormal attributes. I wanted to read the series to see what the craze was about and now I've figured it out. What woman doesn't want that perfect man who only has eyes for her, the relationship where they complete each other, who worries about her in all aspects (and yes, even makes sure that her sexual experience is just as satisfying if not more so). Like I said; total fantasy.

However, I did enjoy reading about their life and their journey. I was totally invested in the characters, the ups and downs, and all the chaos too. I even gasped when there is unexpected news and Christian totally breaks character and flips out, it was surprising and hurtful, you want to cry along with Ana. And everything else that happens after that point just cuts harder until they reconnect and life if good again. I did have a hard time reading the Epilogues though, I think because I didn't want them 'summed up', I didn't want to stop reading about the characters - don't jump-skip! It's aggravating when you've followed these characters to a certain point and then you're just left wanting more. "Red, red.... red!" **wink**

With that being said, what do you think of the movie rendition? I mean, most times the books are better than the movies - right? What are your expectations for the movie? Do you like the actors that have been cast? Are you planning on going to see the movie? Let me know - make sure to leave a comment, I look forward to reading what you have to say.