Friday, May 9, 2014


Don't know what to get your mother - don't worry - neither do I! Just kidding. There are so many great ideas for a memorable gift. Of course, if you are a planner, there are tons of great ideas such as pictured canvases, photo books and scrap books. There are a lot of personalized gifts that are readily available at our finger tips - the only thing that's required is time. It'll take time for shipping and handling. The site links below provide a variety of services and products. Personalized products tough the emotional aspect of gift giving, it shows that you care and put time into your gift giving.

Other great gift ideas to pamper your deserving mother include manicures, pedicures, spa days. There is nothing like getting pampered and most mother's desperately deserve these necessities and most time they'll go without because of life demands. There is nothing wrong with gift certificates, especially when they are from a boutique or spa. Tell your mom that you know she's sacrificed and has worked hard; she deserves this time to treat herself. If your mom doesn't want to go on her own, offer to go with her. Yes, nowadays even men get pampered (if you are a son).

Seems like the past few years a very popular gift have been the Pandora charm bracelets. There are more affordable options as well. I think just about any jewelry counter has their oven version of the bracelet and charms. They are bracelets that you can buy semi-personalized charms. There are thousands of different charms. I know my boyfriend bought me my first one and now I have two. They're great gifts because it is something that you can continue to buy for over-time. More recently more name brands have been released, such as Disney, Hello Kitty, and the NFL.

If funds are short, breakfast in bed is always a special treat. Remember, the day is about your mother. Take over her duties (what you can) for the day. Try to help clean the house, once you've cooked breakfast, clean the kitchen. If there are more than one child, help your children by scheduling each child for a different chore. You can help one child cook breakfast, another can help for lunch, and so on for dinner. If you have the funding take your mom out to her favorite restaurant. Can't get a babysitter, order out. Everyone deserves to rest and most mom's don't get the rest they need or deserve. They're too busy taking care of everyone else, so on Mother's Day make sure to take care of her (or him) that day.

It's always nice to include flowers and candy too


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