Wednesday, November 5, 2014



Last month I mentioned how I write for a few different blogs and how this blog wasn't originally intended to be a book blog. When I self-published my first book I worked diligently trying to promote on social media and researching cost effective measure to self-promote. One of those suggestions was to connect with possible readers and other authors through blogging. I became obsessed with joining different blog hops to follow other blogs, thinking I would in return be followed back, and I don't regret anything. Spending all this time connecting, joining, and participating has been an invaluable tool. I've been able to connect with supportive and awesome individuals. Such as this support group, it has really helped me along both my blogging journey and as a self-published author.

Originally, I wanted to blog about everything and anything, to share my opinions and my universe. When I realized at the time that the majority of my posts were about books, I decided that maybe creating individual blogs would be more beneficial. I didn't want my opinionated posts swallowed up and missed because of the nearly daily posts about different books. I think it can go either way and it should suite your needs. I don't mind keeping up with a couple different blogs at a time and wonder if it really made all that much difference at all really. However, I think a lot of people that are in these positions get caught up in the business of it all too. I know I watch a lot of YouTube videos too and I've watched where the YouTuber seems pulled and conflicted because they're getting Trolled or they feel that their integrity is being compromised in one form or another. For instance, I wouldn't want someone that comes here to check out different blog tours to see a personal post and then decide to hate this blog because of my personal opinions.

Either way you look at it, the people writing are human beings. We deserve the right to our own opinions and just because we might not agree on something doesn't mean we can't still communicate, participate, and get along. But, me being the person that I am just decided to spread out as much as I could and created blogs for different passions that I could create, write, and share! Because that's just how scattered-brained I can be! Not really, I think it takes a lot of focus, dedication, and creativity to be able to do what we all do. It's not something to kick ourselves about too much. We need to commend our accomplishments - each post is an achievement and each word written is an accomplishment. So, keep up the great work!