Wednesday, September 3, 2014


On my other site I posted on a writers perspective for this months Insecure Writer's Support Group submission (you can check it out here). I thought I would change it up on here and give a blogger's perspective, after all we're writers too - right?

What Shall We Blog About Today? Didn't start off as just a book blog. It was my first initiation into the blogging universe. Not wanting to clutter the blog (like my mind clutter) I branched out creating various blogs with specific themes. This blog took over as my "book blog" with different tours and blasts that I sign-up with. Wait Watch Wonder became my blog for sharing about my love and interests in movies, gaming and different shows. Faith Warrior was a more personal blog sharing my life experiences, opinions and beliefs on today's topics and whatever drives me on that particular day to share. And Going off Dreams was specifically for my writing journey as a self-published author and to keep anyone interested in joining in the journey to stay informed and what have you.

Do you have different blogs with specific generalized themes or do you have one general blog?

I feel sometimes that I am too busy promoting others that sometimes I lose the focus on promoting myself. Wouldn't it be wonderful is there was a host out there that would give the bloggers that sign-up to help them earn their money, to give them more incentives? For instance; after singing up and helping them for six months to a year, then they can have a blast or a tour free? I guess it's just my naive mentality. 

What are your thoughts on this?


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