Monday, November 11, 2013

Need Your Support! Realms Faire

November 11th Kicks Off The Anticipated Realms Faire

My Coat of Arms

There are various events that I am very excited to be participating in:

Make sure to use #grogz when you stop by to cheer me on, you can cheer three times a day. You, as a commentor, can score points for me by using 'key' words in your posts. My words are: K.E.N, Dreams, and Phoenix. Plus, you have a chance by commenting to win daily prizes as well. Make sure to click on the link above to see what the daily prizes are.

As an added bonus, if you cheer me on for the entire week (November 11th -15th) and use the key words, you will be entered to win some fabulous prizes! Make sure you comment below as well to let me know you've commented and to enter to win. I look forward to reading all the cheers and leers!!

Dueling Bards

Is the event that the creator is biting at the bit to release to the world. Through her amazing time and considerations she has matched up two authors who have blindly written a piece (following questions and rules of course). Think mad libs for the Realms Faire... I'm really anticipating this event! Please, make sure to click the link above to go and check out the talents and creative geniuses involved. It's sure to be a wildly good time. I'll be posting more the date that I am featured for this event.

Masquerade Parade 

While I can't tell you what I wrote about, I can give you hints. If you didn't know I am a self-published author. My first title is Going off Dreams on Amazon. The main protagonist in my series is Eryn, she's leads a normal life and has a close and supportive family. They face some challenges along the way and are blessed to have each other to get through the rough times. Meanwhile, Eryn has been having intense dreams, so much so that she is questioning her sanity. Could what she's experiencing in her dreams be reality? 

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Dueling Bards

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Annual Realms Faire 2013

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