Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Call Ye - Call Ye

Are you searching for the perfect affiliation for the fall?

The Realms Faire sounds like it will be full of prizes, great opportunities, and good times had by all. Something that caught my eye when reading through the site was The Artist's Way. As an self-published author, I have found that marketing and advertising has been an completely draining experience. It is great events like this that helps us to put the word out there. The Artist's Way commerges the writer with an artist. The writer submits an excerpt from their collective works, and then is paired with an artist who has to create an image based on the excerpt. I think this is a fantastic opportunity!

Other great opportunites that interested me was the Collective Stage Performance where we can put our creativeness and imagry on display as well as the prospective Dragon Hunt. Visit the site to sign-up and get involved in this great adventure: Realms Faire.  The week long events include

  • Jousting Tournament
  • Masquerade Parade
  • The Artist's Way
  • Collective Stage Performance
  • Dragon Hunt
  • The Stockade Brigade
  • Castle Jumble
  • Drench-a-Wench/Soak-a-Bloke
  • Sponsor Any Event

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