Monday, October 21, 2013

Spotlight: Buddy's Writing Show

As a self-published author I know all too well how difficult it can be to get your name out there and market yourself. After I published my first work last fall through Amazon, I quickly learned that it takes a whole heck of a lot more than just simply getting your story out on paper, or pecking at the keyboard and typing it out on the computer screen. Either way, through many sleepless nights I have learned that within this field it takes a lot of work, sharing, and connecting with your audience.

When we look toward an outlet to get our work 'out there' we immediately go for our social networking (Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and Google+ to name a few) and this is a wonderful plan. Just don't burn your friends out! The first I investigated, researched, and read about what to do after you've published your first composition, was to start blogging. This helps you to gain a lot of insight within the field as you build your followers.

The most recent avenue I am learning about are the live shows on YouTube. Then I noticed my friend here on Facebook who started his own writing show and I wanted to share this treasure with the rest of my social networking community. While Buddy is booked up for now, I would highly recommend contacting him (via the links provided below) if you are an author and are interested in being interviewed. This is a wonderful opportunity to connect with more individuals within your target audience - don't pass this up!

Buddy's Writing Show

The Host Guy

The Host Guy
Buddy Gott
The host of Buddy's Writing show is the witty and charming Buddy Gott, who hails from the Eastern state of Delaware. I first met Buddy many moons ago through friends I had been working with. My memories of Buddy are someone who shared the same love of movies and who also loved not only the art of conversation, but the complexities of analyzing. He is definitely someone you can have fun with! Some of his charm is visible here in his new show where he interviews authors. This is definitely a show worth subscribing to and following. I am eagerly anticipating the next interview.  I also look forward to his future published works!

Author Spotlight

Author Crissy Moss
On the other side of the continent, in Washington, hails the author Crissy Moss, who is spotlighted in Buddy's Writing Show. Moss is the author of several books including "Small Bites", "Illicit Gains Series", and "Osiren's Tears".  Through her Amazon author page she proclaims that she started publishing in 1995, this puts her just shy of 20 years in the publishing field.

"It was an interesting time as websites started offering more content. First newspapers, then magazines, and finally books became easier to get online. And in the midst of it writers had to adapt, too. I had a front seat to it all" Crissy Moss Amazon Author Page

With just about a dozen books under her belt, Moss is known for her 'spin' on writing. She writes within the fantasy, science fiction, paranormal and horror genres. On her Amazon site she states that her "writing is often eclectic" within her genres and also include "a little romance", she adds that she "always spins an interesting yarn."


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